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Kool-Stop KS-D630S Disc Brake Pads for Shimano


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Kool Stop KS-D630S Disc Brake Pads: Maximum Braking Performance for Extreme Conditions

Introducing Kool Stop KS-D630S Disc Brake Pads, engineered for riders seeking maximum braking performance under extreme conditions. These sintered disc brake pads offer exceptional stopping power, making them the ideal choice for demanding riding environments.

Superior Braking Performance: Kool Stop KS-D630S Disc Brake Pads are designed to deliver superior braking performance when you need it most. The sintered compound provides excellent stopping power, allowing you to confidently navigate steep descents, technical trails, and challenging terrains. Experience precise and responsive braking performance for enhanced safety on your rides.

Less Sensitive to Brake Fluid: Unlike organic brake pads, Kool Stop KS-D630S Disc Brake Pads are less sensitive to brake fluid, ensuring consistent performance even in varying weather conditions. You can rely on these pads to maintain their braking power, providing reliable stopping performance regardless of moisture or temperature changes.

Higher Disc Wear and Thermal Loading: It's important to note that sintered brake pads, including Kool Stop KS-D630S, may result in higher disc wear and thermal loading compared to organic pads. However, the trade-off is their exceptional braking performance and durability in extreme conditions. These pads are well-suited for riders who prioritize maximum stopping power and can handle the potential increase in disc wear.


Specifications of Kool Stop KS-D630S for Shimano Disc Brake Pads

Fits  Shimano XTR BR-M965/966/975
Shimano Deore BR-M765/775/655/665/585/535
Shimano M800/M975/T665
Shimano Alfine R505
Shimao Hone BR-M601
Tektro TRP DASH Carbon
Compound Sintered
Weight 18 g / pair

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