KMC DLC-11 11 Speed Chain


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Elevate your cycling performance with the KMC DLC-11 11 Speed Chain, a masterpiece of chain technology from the renowned brand, KMC. Designed for excellence in performance, utility, and durability, KMC Chains are trusted by cyclists worldwide.

Compatibility You Can Count On:

KMC chains are renowned for their exceptional compatibility. They seamlessly integrate with the majority of Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo groupsets, making KMC the most widely used chain brand globally. You can trust that the DLC-11 chain will work harmoniously with your drivetrain.

Unlock the DLC Advantage:

DLC, or Diamond Like Coating Technology, sets the KMC X11-SL DLC Chain apart from the rest. This innovative technology involves covering both the inner and outer plates of the chain with an exceptionally hard and highly resistant coating. The result is a chain that's not only incredibly durable but also boasts enhanced resistance against wear and tear.

Smooth Riding, Long-Lasting:

Experience a smoother, more efficient ride with the DLC-11 chain. Its design ensures a long-lasting and seamless performance that won't let you down, even during the most demanding rides. Whether you're a Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo enthusiast, this chain is designed to elevate your cycling experience.


Features of KMC DLC-11 11 Speed Chain

Super Light All hollow
Titanium Carbon Nitride High surface hardness
High Rigidity Quick Response and higher efficiency
Highest Pin Power Unsurpassed riveting geometry
Mud Shedding Design Easy clean
Hollow Pin Lean technology
Diamond Durability Diamond SP exceptional durability
Double ”X” Bridge Shape Precise gear shifting
Outer Plate Chamfering Accurate shifting
Inner Plate Chamfering Expeditious shifting
  • Ultra-Smooth Control Beyond Imagination
  • Harmonize Your Drivetrain
  • Smooth Surface = Smooth Control
  • Diamond-Hard Surface
  • Premium Lightweight Technology - Patented Configuration
  • DLC Technology - Unique Outlook with Supreme Functionality
  • Exceptional Performance - Transfer Pedaling Energy with the Highest Efficiency 
  • The strongest and the most efficient chain on the market is perfectly designed for an outstanding riding experience.

Specifications of KMC DLC-11 11 Speed Chain

Size 1/2"x11/128"
Colour Black/Blue
Pin Length 5.65 mm
Weight per 110 links 227 g
Length 118 links
Compatibility All 11-Speed derailleur systems
Suitable for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Downhill Bike, Cyclocross Bike
  • Diamond-Like Coating
  • Perfect shifting thanks to Double X-Bridge
  • Slotted inner- and outer plates and hollow pins
  • Includes a MissingLink

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