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Juice The Scubber Cassette Cleaning Brush


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Juice The Scrubber Cassette Cleaning Brush: Your Bike-Wash Wingman

Meet your new best mate in brush form: Juice The Scrubber Cassette Cleaning Brush. Born to buff your bike components to brilliance, this brush is all about giving grime a run for its money. Think of it as the ultimate bike-wash wingman, ready to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

Unleash Brilliance: The Scrubber from Another Mother is here to take your bike cleaning game to the next level. Its sole purpose is to transform your bike components from grimy to gleaming, making it your go-to tool for a spotless ride.

Cassette Perfection: Dive into your cassette with confidence using the hooked end that would even make a pirate proud. The unique design allows you to reach the nooks and crannies of your cassette, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal performance.

Bristley Brilliance: Deploy the power of the bristley bits to scrub and scrape away dirt, grime, and grease with ease. Every stroke is a step towards a perfectly clean and smooth-running bike.


Features of Juice The Scubber Cassette Cleaning Brush

  • Suitable for use on all types of bike. Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter.
  • Stiff Nylon bristles to help remove the toughest grime
  • Narrow scraper fits in the hardest to reach areas
  • Ideal for use on the entire drivetrain.
  • Recyclable packaging

 Step By Step: 

Step 1 

Stop putting it off and give your bike a bloody good wash.

Use Dirt Juice, clean water and grab The Scrubber for a helping hand.

Step 2

There’s no rules here.

Get those bristles all up in your cassette, use the hooked end to drag dirt out. Scrub and scrape till your cassette and other hard to reach areas are gleaming.

Step 3

Go ride.

Cake your whip in the filth of the worst kind safe in the knowledge that The Scrubber will be waiting.

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