Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush | The Bike Affair
Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush | The Bike Affair
Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush | The Bike Affair
Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush | The Bike Affair

Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush


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Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush: Your Ultimate Drivetrain Cleaning Companion

Revitalize your bike's drivetrain with the power of the Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush. Designed for precision cleaning, this versatile brush is your go-to tool for tackling even the toughest grime on your chainring, chain, mech, and cassette.

Efficient Cleaning Power: The Stiffler Drivetrain Brush is your secret weapon against dirt and grime buildup. Its short, stiff bristles are expertly crafted to effectively scrub away debris, leaving your drivetrain looking and performing like new.

Easy Application of Degreaser and Cleaner: This brush isn't just for scrubbing; it's also a versatile applicator. Use it to 'paint' degreaser and chain cleaner onto your mucky components. Say goodbye to stubborn grease and say hello to a sparkling drivetrain.

Deep Dive into Tricky Areas: The long handle of the Stiffler Brush provides you with the reach you need to dive deep into tricky areas of your bike. No more hard-to-reach spots or hidden crevices—this brush is designed to give your bike a thorough clean from every angle.

Gentle on Surfaces: While the Stiffler Brush is tough on grime, it's gentle on your bike's surfaces. Remember, excessive pressure or rubbing might lead to surface scratching. For sensitive parts, opt for a sponge or microfiber cloth to ensure a pristine finish.


Features of Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush

  • Stiff nylon bristles for tough grime removal
  • Paint brush shape for easy product application
  • Ideal for chain rings, mechs, cassettes, chains.
  • Country of Origin: China
How To Use

Directions for Use of Juice Lubes Stiffler Drivetrain Brush

Step By Step:

Step 1 Give your bike a wash
Fire H2O generously and make sure to get all the muddy bits good and soggy.
Step 2 Get a load of Dirt Juice Boss on your cassette, chain, chainrings and get Stiffling.
Use the Stiffler to work Boss into your components and give that grime a good rubbing up. 
For detail work you can add some Boss to a small container and paint it on to components.
Step 3 Rinse brush and components with fresh water.
Scrub, rinse, repeat and then apply your favourite chain lube to finish.

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