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Icetoolz Anti-Slip Paste 5ml


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IceToolz Anti-Slip Paste 5ml: Optimal Grip for Carbon Components

Enhance the performance and safety of your carbon components with IceToolz Anti-Slip Paste. This meticulously crafted paste is designed to provide optimal grip, preventing slippage while ensuring secure and precise assembly. Discover the features that make this anti-slip paste a must-have for cyclists, both professional and DIY enthusiasts.

Fine Structure for Firm Mounting:

IceToolz Anti-Slip Paste boasts a fine grain structure that plays a crucial role in securing carbon parts without exceeding the recommended torx. This feature ensures a secure and stable grip, allowing you to mount carbon components firmly and reliably.

Water-Repellent Effect:

In addition to its primary function of preventing slippage, the anti-slip paste is equipped with a water-repellent effect. This quality adds an extra layer of protection, making it ideal for various weather conditions and ensuring consistent performance even in wet conditions.

Tailored for Carbon Components:

IceToolz specializes in providing solutions for both professionals and cycling enthusiasts, and their Anti-Slip Paste is no exception. Specifically formulated for carbon components, this paste addresses the unique needs and challenges associated with carbon materials, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.

Versatile Application:

Whether you're mounting a seat post, stem, or any other carbon part, IceToolz Anti-Slip Paste provides ample coverage. The versatility of this paste makes it a valuable addition to your maintenance toolkit, offering a reliable solution for various carbon components on your bicycle.

Prevention of Cracking and Creaking:

The fine grain structure in this carbon paste serves as a preventive measure against unwanted issues like cracking and creaking. By minimizing movement between components, IceToolz Anti-Slip Paste contributes to a quieter and smoother riding experience.

IceToolz: Simplifying Bicycle Maintenance:

IceToolz is a brand known for its commitment to both professional cyclists and DIY enthusiasts. The brand's focus on providing handy maintenance products and user-friendly items makes it a go-to choice for those seeking tools that enhance their cycling hobby or profession.


Specifications of Icetoolz Anti-Slip Paste 5ml

Volume  5 ml.
Product Dimensions 8.1 x 6 x 0.4 cm
Weight 0.006 kg
Suitable for Carbon fiber and aluminium
Prevents It prevents the two components from seizing up
Color Silver
Country of Origin Taiwan

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