Giro Eclipse Spherical Helmet

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Experience speed and style without compromise with the Eclipse Spherical Helmet from Giro. This sophisticated and lightweight aero road helmet combines advanced technologies, including Spherical Technology powered by MIPS®, to provide unparalleled comfort and an additional layer of protection.

Speed and Cooling Performance:

The Eclipse Spherical Helmet is designed to be the fastest and coolest aero road helmet in Giro's lineup. Its sleek outer shell is crafted to actively streamline airflow, reducing drag across various wind angles. With 14 Wind Tunnel vents strategically placed, this helmet pulls air through the helmet, delivering exceptional cooling power that rivals even the most aggressively vented road helmets.

Spherical Technology with MIPS®:

At the core of the Eclipse Spherical Helmet is the innovative Spherical Technology, powered by the MIPS® brain protection system. This ball-and-socket design allows the helmet's outer EPS foam liner to rotate independently around the inner foam liner during a crash. This rotation helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, providing an additional layer of protection. The progressive layering of both the inner and outer liners enhances the helmet's overall protective capabilities.

Enhanced Stability and Fit:

The patented Roc Loc® 5 Air system featured in the Eclipse Spherical Helmet ensures optimal stability and fit. With easy-to-use adjustments, you can customize the helmet to your desired comfort and secure it in place for a confident ride.

Comfortable and Moisture-Wicking:

The Eclipse Spherical Helmet is designed with comfort in mind. The plush antimicrobial Ionic+ padding not only absorbs sweat and moisture but also provides durable antimicrobial performance. This ensures a fresh and hygienic riding experience.

Sophisticated Style and Lightweight Design:

With its sleek and stylish appearance, the Eclipse Spherical Helmet is a statement on the road. Crafted with attention to detail, this helmet offers a compact and lightweight form that is perfect for road and gravel racing.


Features of Giro Eclipse Spherical Helmet

Transform Air: Transform Air Technology actively streamlines airflow to reduce drag  across multiple wind angles. It optimizes aerodynamics by making the helmet appear longer to the wind, while still retaining an aero advantage in a head-down sprinting position.

14 Wind Tunnel Vents: Giro helmets are engineered with our proprietary Wind Tunnel venting system. This elaborate design combines active vents in the helmet's shell with exhaust channels inside the helmet that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the rider's head while forcing heat and stale air out.

Spherical Technology: Spherical Technology's Ball-and-Socket design, powered by Mips®, helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. It also eliminates contact with hard plastic or slip-planes against the skin.

Progressive Layering: Giro helmets designed with Progress Layering™ use dual-density EPS foam liners to address high-and low-speed impacts for more comprehensive energy management.

Deep Internal Channeling: The inner liner of the helmet is aggressively engineered to assist air flowing through the helmet, working in conjunction with our Wind Tunnel vents to provide an easy pathway for cool air to flow in and hot air to exhaust out.

ROC LOC® 5.5 Air Fit System: Using a patented design that suspends the helmet just slightly off the top of the skull, Roc Loc® 5.5 Air allows cool airflow to pass directly over your head, further enhancing the performance of vents and internal channeling that exhaust heat out of the helmet. Fit and adjustments mimic the Roc Loc® 5, allowing you to easily custom fine-tune fit tension and fore-aft tilt in seconds using just one hand. Reflective decals provide added visibility.

Ionic+®Padding: Pure silver is the ingredient that gives Ionic+® padding the power to provide permanent, natural odor protection to keep your helmet feeling fresh.


Specifications of Giro Eclipse Spherical Helmet


Reflective Decals


In-mold Polycarbonate shell with EPS Liner

Full lower Hardbody™ coverage


14 Wind Tunnel vents with deep internal channeling

Fit System

ROC LOC® 5 Air

Product Weight

270 (Size medium CPSC, CE)


Complies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for bicycle helmet for persons age 5 and older


Nanobead™ EPS Foam

Full lower Hardbody coverage

Ionic+™ Anti-Microbial Padding

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