Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free

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Fuel Your Performance with Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free

Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free is the perfect solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want an instant energy boost without the effects of caffeine. Crafted with unique liquid gel technology, this carbohydrate-based energy gel is designed to give you the competitive edge you need during endurance events and training sessions.

Instant Energy Boost

When you're in the midst of an intense training session or a challenging competition, every bit of energy matters. Each Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free sachet provides you with 77kcal of energy in a serving size of 30g. This ensures that you have the fuel required to push through your limits and achieve your performance goals.

Caffeine-Free Formula

Unlike the regular energy gel, Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free is formulated without caffeine. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or prefer to avoid it. You can experience the benefits of instant energy without any caffeine-related effects.

Liquid Gel Technology

Gone are the days of struggling to consume thick and sticky gels. Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free uses innovative liquid gel technology that is easy to consume on-the-go. The convenient sachet design ensures that you can fuel up quickly and efficiently, without any hassle.

Boost Your Performance

Whether you're a professional athlete or someone passionate about fitness, Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free can help you boost your performance. It provides you with the energy you need to conquer challenges and excel in your training sessions and competitions.

Convenient and Portable

Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free comes in compact sachets that are easy to carry. Keep a few sachets in your pocket, bag, or workout gear, and you'll always have a convenient energy source at your fingertips. No matter where your journey takes you, you'll be prepared to take on the day.

Elevate Your Endurance

Don't let fatigue hold you back. Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free is the key to elevating your endurance and performance. With its rapid energy release and easy consumption, it's the perfect companion for anyone looking to push their limits and achieve greatness.

Experience the Difference

Discover the power of instant energy without caffeine. Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free is designed to provide you with the fuel you need to perform your best, while being gentle on your system. Experience the difference in your training and competitions.

Unleash Your Potential

Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free empowers you to unleash your potential and achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're running, cycling, or engaging in any endurance activity, this energy gel will be your trusted partner every step of the way.

Features of Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free

  • Designed with unique liquid gel technology Fast&Up Energy gel is a carbohydrate energy gel.
  • With 18g carbohydrate this liquid energy gel provides 73kcal of energy per 30g sachet
  • Gentle on stomach it minimizes the risk of being bloated that can occur with over-drinking when consumed with water.
  • Carbohydrate energy gels are proved to promote performance and decreases muscle fatigue during long-lasting physical activity.
  • Fast&Up energy gel, is portable, ready to consume, it is easy to digest and ingest, 100% vegetarian and is banned substance free. 
Use & Consume

How To Use Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free

Bite, squeeze and action.

When To Use: For instant energy consume 10 minutes before and every 30 minutes during training

What are energy gels?

Energy gels are designed to replenish carbohydrate stores that are depleted when running. Most energy gels are based on high carbohydrates, which directly provide glucose to your blood stream and muscles helping you achieve your fueling needs for cycling, running, and all endurance activities.

What is Fast&Up Energy gel?

Designed with unique liquid gel technology for instant energy boost, Fast&Up Energy Gel is a carbohydrate based energy gel made for those who want a competitive edge during an endurance event. Each Fast&Up Energy Gel sachet provides 73kcal energy in serving size of 30g and is caffeine free. This energizing carbohydrate sports energy gel which is ready to consume instant energy gel that requires no extra preparation of water. Just Bite, Squeeze and Action.

Fast&Up Energy Gel is available in a pack of 5 energy gel sachet with different flavors and is palatable, super-fast and easily digested without any GI distress. One can take one gel sachet every 20-40 minutes.

What are the benefits of consuming ready to use energy gels?

Energy gel are smooth gels with a light consistency, making it easy to have on the go. The foremost advantage of using Energy Gel is that it helps to maintain energy levels and combats fatigue and helps to deal with stress during intense activity. In addition they are ready to use and easy to carry for a runner as it minimizes the risk of being bloated that can occur with over-drinking. All these benefits make Energy Gels a very fast and convenient source of energy.

Can we take it before workout or during workout?

Energy gels can be taken before or during exercise. For instant energy consume 10 minutes before. For long lasting energy one can consume 1-2 gels per hour during endurance exercise to maximize carbohydrate utilization rates to rapidly replenish glycogen stores.

Why carbohydrate energy gels?

This is because carbohydrates are stored in both the muscles and the liver and your performance relies on using the glycogen stored in the muscle. For glycogen to make its way to the muscles, it must first be digested, and then absorbed by the muscles. This process takes time. After consuming energy gels it provides fuel to your muscles feeling energized and alert. Hence, energy gels help replenish the glycogen and calories you’re burning when racing hard. 

Why is caffeine free?

Caffeine in energy gels often when not consumed in the right amount can cause energy crash or even cause gastric related disorders like cramping or diarrhea. At the same time caffeine can cause dehydrating effect.


Nutritional Information of Fast&Up Energy Gel - Caffeine Free(Approximate Values)

Classic Vanilla & Zesty Lemon

Per Serving 30g % RDA
Energy 73.42 kCal 3.16 %
Fat 0.00 g 0.00 %
Protein 0.00 g 0.00 %
18.35 g -
Total Sugars 1.04 g