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Enduro ABEC 3 Headset Bearing 30X42X7

B 6806 LLB-BAG

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The Enduro ABEC 3 Headset Bearing 30X42X7 is a high-quality replacement bearing designed to enhance the performance of your bike's bottom bracket. Whether you're a serious cyclist or a weekend rider, this bearing offers several advantages that can improve your riding experience.

Direct Replacement: This Enduro bearing is a direct replacement for most BB30/PF30 OEM bottom brackets, as well as all Wheels Mfg bottom brackets designed for 30mm spindle cranks. This means you can easily swap out your existing bearing with this one for an upgrade.

Optimal Dimensions: The dimensions of this bearing are OD (Outer Diameter): 42mm, ID (Inner Diameter): 30mm, and Width: 7mm. These precise measurements ensure a snug and secure fit in your bottom bracket, which is essential for efficient power transfer and a smooth ride.

ABEC-3 Grade: The bearing is rated as ABEC-3, which is a standardized rating for the precision and quality of bearings. It features Grade 10, 5/32" chromium steel balls, which contribute to its smooth and reliable rotation. ABEC-3 bearings strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, making them suitable for a wide range of cycling applications.

Improved Performance: Upgrading your bottom bracket with a high-quality bearing can lead to improved performance and power transfer. A smoother rotation can make your pedaling more efficient, translating into a better cycling experience.

Durability: Enduro is known for producing durable bearings that can withstand the rigors of cycling. The use of Grade 10 steel balls and precise manufacturing ensures long-lasting performance.

Compatibility: The bearing is designed to fit a variety of bottom bracket standards, making it a versatile choice for cyclists using different setups.

Cost-Effective: ABEC-3 bearings like this one offer a good balance between performance and cost. You get the benefits of a quality bearing without breaking the bank.


Specifications of Enduro ABEC 3 Headset Bearing

 Inner Diameter 30 mm
Outer Diameter 42 mm
Width 7 mm
Static Load 685lbf / 3.04kN
Weight 24.7 g

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