Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves | The Bike Affair
Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves | The Bike Affair
Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves | The Bike Affair
Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves | The Bike Affair

Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves

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Introducing the Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves from Endura - your go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable in hot climates during your cycling adventures. These gloves combine thoughtful design with innovative technology to elevate your riding experience.

Design Philosophy

Level up and cool down with Endura's Xtract Lite Mitt. Minimalist design cleverly generates maximum cooling through careful material selection, low bulk cuffs and perforated palms provide padding and dissipate heat.


The key to the Palmistry™ technology is how the natural creases of the palm inform the ergonomics of the padding and grip whilst holding onto the handlebars. Gel Padding and silicone grips where you need them provide a more comfortable and secure riding experience.

Elevate your cycling comfort in hot climates with Endura's Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves. Stay cool, grip confidently, and enjoy the ride like never before.

Features of Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves

  • Stay Cool: When the temperature rises, you need gloves that keep you comfortable. The Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves feature a light and airy mesh back hand that promotes excellent airflow, preventing your hands from overheating and ensuring a refreshing ride.
  • Smart Padding: Endura's Palmistry™ technology takes glove ergonomics to a new level. By aligning the padding with the natural creases of your palm, these gloves deliver exceptional comfort. The result? A comfortable and secure grip that enhances your control on the handlebars.
  • Gel Padding: The perforated gel padding in these gloves not only offers superior cushioning but also dissipates heat effectively. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by excessive heat buildup, and say hello to a more enjoyable ride.
  • Secure Grip: The silicone grips strategically placed on the gloves provide additional control and confidence when holding onto the handlebars. Enjoy a secure grip that enhances your overall riding experience, whether you're cruising down the road or tackling challenging terrains.
  • Minimalist Design: The Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves boast a minimalist design that doesn't compromise on performance. Low bulk cuffs offer a sleek look while ensuring a snug fit, making these gloves a stylish and functional addition to your cycling gear.
  • Versatile Performance: Whether you're embarking on a leisurely ride or pushing your limits on tough trails, these gloves are designed to perform. Experience the perfect balance of comfort, grip, and breathability, making every ride a joy.

Specifications of Endura Xtract Lite Mitt Gloves

  • Stretch mesh backhand for maximum breathability
  • Palmistry™ technology with perforated gel palm padding for comfort and airflow
  • Silicone palm overlay for grip
  • Strapless cuff with accommodating stretch
  • Monster terry sweat wipe
  • PU 10%, Elastane 15%, Nylon 35%, Polyester 40%

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