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Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem


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Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem: Affordable Performance in Every Ride

The Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem is the perfect blend of affordability and performance, designed to elevate your cycling experience without breaking the bank. Crafted from high-quality 3D forged 6061 aluminum, this stem offers a winning combination of strength, reliability, and style.

Premium 6061 Aluminum

The stem is constructed from 6061 aluminum, known for its excellent balance of strength and weight. This material ensures durability without adding unnecessary bulk to your bike.

3D Forged Construction

The 3D forging process involves shaping the stem from a single piece of aluminum. This results in a stem that's not only robust but also exceptionally reliable, capable of handling the demands of various cycling disciplines.

Optimal 5° Angle

The Controltech One Stem features a 5° angle, striking a balance between a more upright and aggressive riding position. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of cycling styles, from leisurely rides to spirited sprints.

Secure Clamp Design

The stem's clamp design ensures a secure and precise fit for your handlebars. You can trust that your bars will stay firmly in place, enhancing your control and confidence on the road.

Sleek Aesthetics

With a clean and timeless appearance, this stem adds a touch of elegance to your bike. Its understated design complements a variety of bike styles and color schemes.

Affordable Excellence

Controltech is renowned for delivering high-quality components at competitive prices. The One 5° RAS-99 Stem is no exception, offering exceptional value for riders looking to upgrade their setup without breaking the bank.

Whether you're a recreational cyclist or a dedicated enthusiast, the Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem is your ticket to enhanced performance and style. Upgrade your bike with confidence, knowing you're getting a dependable component from a trusted brand.


Features of Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem

  • Built from 3D forged 6061 aluminum. Forged is significantly stronger than cast methods of building but requires less material, resulting in a stiffer and lighter stem.
  • Faceplate is also constructed from 6061 aluminum, with a strength comparable to steel.
  • Easily flips to give a 5° rise or drop depending on your riding style.
  • Because correct stem length is vital for comfortable bike position and good handling, the One Stem comes in seven sizes, from 60mm up to 120mm.
  • Fits 28.6mm steerers and 31.8mm bar clamps. Weighs just 121g

Specifications of Controltech One 5° RAS-99 Stem

Material  AL6061
Handlebar Dia 31.8 mm
Steerer Clamp Dia 28.6 mm
Length 60/70/80/90/100/110/120 mm
Angle +/-5°
Weight 137 g (110 mm)

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