Cinelli Ana Benaroya Socks

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Cinelli Ana Benaroya Socks: Artistry in Motion

Unleash Your Style:¬†Introducing the Cinelli Ana Benaroya Socks ‚Äď a mesmerizing fusion of art and performance. Created in collaboration with renowned artist Ana Benaroya, these socks are not just cycling gear; they're an artistic expression. Made in Italy, these socks embody creativity and comfort.

Eye Of The Storm, Fire, Heart, Slime:¬†Dive into the world of Ana Benaroya with captivating designs ‚Äď 'Eye of the Storm,' 'Fire,' 'Heart,' and 'Slime.' Each design is a masterpiece, a testament to Ana's artistic prowess. Crafted to complement the hottest days, these socks are classic in length but unique in design. With comfort and breathability guaranteed, they're your canvas of self-expression.

Artistry in Every Thread: 

The 'Eye of the Storm' design follows Ana's debut cap collaboration with Cinelli. Match it with the Eye of the Storm Cap for an extraordinary ensemble.

The 'Fire' design captures Ana's signature style. Pair it with the Fire Cap for a distinct look, on and off the bike.

The 'Heart' design radiates with uniqueness. Partner it with the Heart Cap for a complete, standout appearance.

The 'Slime' design embodies Ana's flair. Coordinate it with the Slime Cap for a remarkable look that stands out on the streets and trails.

Poseidon & Snake: Dive deeper into Ana's world with 'Poseidon' and 'Snake' designs. These high-performance socks offer lightweight compression and striking style.

The 'Poseidon' design, a continuation of Ana's captivating collaborations, matches perfectly with the Poseidon Cap for an impressive cycling statement.

The 'Snake' design brings vibrant colors and classic length together, ensuring comfort and style on every adventure.

Composition and Comfort: Crafted from premium materials, the Cinelli Ana Benaroya Socks offer more than just style. The 'Eye of the Storm,' 'Fire,' 'Heart,' and 'Slime' socks feature a composition of 98% Polyamide and 2% Elastomer.

For 'Poseidon' and 'Snake,' enjoy a blend of 80% Polyamide and 20% Lycra, delivering performance-focused compression and supreme comfort.

Experience Art on Your Ride:¬†Elevate your cycling journey with the fusion of art and performance ‚Äď the Cinelli Ana Benaroya Socks. Order yours now and experience the thrill of art in motion.