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Chapter 2 AO Rear Derailleur Hanger (Disc Brake)


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Chapter 2 AO Rear Derailleur Hanger (Disc Brake): Precision CNC Craftsmanship

Upgrade your Chapter 2 AO bike with the CNC Disc Brake specific Rear Derailleur Hanger. Meticulously crafted for precision and durability, this hanger is designed to provide optimal support for your rear derailleur, ensuring smooth and reliable shifting in disc brake setups.

Precision CNC Craftsmanship: Experience precision engineering with the Chapter 2 AO Rear Derailleur Hanger. CNC machined for accuracy, this hanger is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance for your AO bike's disc brake configuration.

Disc Brake Specific Design: Tailored for bikes equipped with disc brakes, the Rear Derailleur Hanger is designed to complement disc brake setups seamlessly. Its specific design addresses the unique requirements of disc brake configurations, providing optimal support for the rear derailleur in such setups.

Thru Axle Dropout Compatibility: The Chapter 2 AO Rear Derailleur Hanger is designed with thru axle dropouts in mind. Its compatibility with thru axle systems ensures a secure and reliable connection, contributing to the overall stability and performance of your AO bike.

Enhance Shifting Performance: Ensure smooth and reliable shifting performance with the precision-engineered Rear Derailleur Hanger. By maintaining optimal alignment for the rear derailleur, this component enhances the overall functionality of your bike's drivetrain, contributing to a more enjoyable riding experience.

Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the Rear Derailleur Hanger is built to withstand the demands of cycling, providing long-lasting support for your bike's drivetrain components. Ride with confidence, knowing that your rear derailleur is securely and precisely positioned.

Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, the CNC Disc Brake Rear Derailleur Hanger simplifies the upgrade process. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you enhance your bike's performance with this precision-engineered component.

Compatible with Chapter 2 AO Bikes: The Rear Derailleur Hanger is specifically designed for Chapter 2 AO bikes, ensuring compatibility and a perfect fit. Upgrade your Chapter 2 AO bike with confidence, knowing that this hanger is crafted to meet the unique specifications of AO frames.

Elevate Your Disc Brake Setup: Whether you're tackling challenging descents or cruising through varied terrains, the Chapter 2 AO Rear Derailleur Hanger is designed to elevate your disc brake setup. Experience the benefits of precision CNC craftsmanship and enjoy enhanced shifting performance on your AO bike.

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