CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB


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Experience the next level of cycling excellence with the CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB. Meticulously designed to meet the new SRAM DUB crank standard, this bottom bracket offers superior performance and durability.

Advanced SRAM DUB Compatibility:

Crafted to fit seamlessly with the SRAM DUB crank standard, which features a 28.99 spindle, our BB86 Bottom Bracket ensures a precise and contamination-resistant design. Embrace the cutting-edge technology and elevate your cycling experience.

Unmatched Contamination Resistance:

Built with an integrated dust cover for all models, our bottom bracket provides an added layer of protection, ensuring a snug and secure fit that shields the bearings from contaminants. Enjoy exceptional performance without making any compromises.

Hand-Built CeramicSpeed Bearings:

Our BB86 Bottom Bracket comes equipped with CeramicSpeed's renowned hand-built bearings. These bearings carry the load from crank to frame, delivering unparalleled durability and efficiency. Experience the power of precision engineering.

Efficiency and Longevity Combined:

With CeramicSpeed, expect nothing less than ultra-efficiency and long-lasting quality. Our bottom brackets are built to withstand the rigors of intense cycling, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride every time.

Elevate Your Cycling Journey:

Upgrade your bike with the CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB and experience cycling at its finest. Embrace the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, durability, and performance for an unparalleled riding experience.

Technical Data

The SRAM DUB crank spindle requires the bearing contact points to be in a set and designated width and all CeramicSpeed bottom Bracket options perfectly match the bearing placement on the crank spindle with the required frame interface for nearly any model of bike. Without the use of unnecessary adapters or spacers, a quiet & stable platform is ensured throughout the life of the product.

The BB86 for SRAM DUB Road comes in two versions; with our CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings and Coated BearingsĀ for even longer lifetime and lower friction.


Specifications ofĀ CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB

Ā Type Pressfit
Bearing Type Ceramic
Shell Width 86.5 mm
Thread Type BSA
Spindle Diameter 41 mm
In The Box

Box Contents ofĀ CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB

  • 2 CeramicSpeed Bearings
  • Dustcovers
  • Plast-sheet
  • 4 x 1mm spacers
  • Spacer tube
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Sticker Sheet

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