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CeramicSpeed BB T47 for Shimano Black Coated Bottom Bracket


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Upgrade your cycling experience with the top-of-the-line CeramicSpeed BB T47 for Shimano Black Coated Bottom Bracket. Designed for maximum performance and durability, this advanced bottom bracket will revolutionize your rides.

Enhanced Performance with T47 Open Standard:

The T47 design combines the best of oversized shells like PF30 and EVO386 with the reliability of a threaded interface, ensuring a secure fit for seamless power transfer. Experience smoother and more efficient pedaling, whether you're cruising on the roads or tackling challenging trails.

Superior Bearings for Unmatched Efficiency:

Choose between two versions: Standard Bearings and Coated Bearings. Both options feature super round CeramicSpeed Balls and hardened-steel races, resulting in reduced drag and extended bearing life. The Coated Bearings take it a step further with a metallic layer, offering even lower drag and a 60% longer lifespan.

Versatile Compatibility for Various Frames:

Our BB T47 is compatible with 86mm wide frames and also works with TREK T47 85.5mm wide frames, ensuring a perfect fit for your bike. Say goodbye to compatibility worries and enjoy smooth installations.

Low Friction, High Performance:

The CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings reduce drag by an impressive 75%, making each pedal stroke count. Achieve drag levels as low as 0.3-0.4 watts per set and enjoy the benefits of our superior ceramic technology.

Customizable Grease Options:

Tailor your riding experience with our customizable grease options. The BB T47 comes with All Round Grease applied at the factory, delivering an ideal blend of performance and durability. For even lower drag, switch to Race Day Grease, while Long Life Grease offers superior durability in challenging conditions.

Upgrade Your Bike Today:

Discover the ultimate cycling upgrade with the CeramicSpeed BB T47 for Shimano Black Coated Bottom Bracket. Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned pro, this top-tier bottom bracket is designed to elevate your cycling performance and enjoyment. Experience the CeramicSpeed difference and unlock your true cycling potential.

Bottom Bracket tool for installation: BBT-47.

Technical Data

T47 is an open standard designed to provide the benefits of both oversized shells and the tight fit of threading. These cups and bearings adapt the shell so it is compatible with 24mm diameter spindle cranks.

Compatible with 86mm wide frames, and also compatible with TREK T47 85.5mm wide frames. 

Our CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings reduce drag by 75% when compared to stock bottom brackets. Down to 0.3-0.4 watts per set. This is the result of hardened-steel races combined with CeramicSpeed Balls that are 100% smoother and 15% harder than the ceramic competition. They also last longer.

The CeramicSpeed coated Bearings feature an even longer lifespan and even lower drag. Life increases by 60% and drag drops by 50% compared to our CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings.

Applied to the bearings at the factory is All Round Grease. It can be replaced for lower drag Race Day Grease, or higher durability Long Life Grease, which adds a bit of drag but stays in when riding through messy conditions.


Specifications of CeramicSpeed BB T47 for Shimano Black Coated Bottom Bracket

 Type Threaded
Bearing Type Steel
Shell Width 86mm
Spindle Diameter 24mm
In The Box

Box Contents of CeramicSpeed BB T47 for Shimano Black Coated Bottom Bracket

  • 2 threaded cups with CeramicSpeed Bearings installed.
  • 2 dust covers.
  • Spacer tube.
  • All Round Grease
  • Sticker Sheet.

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