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Cema BB90 Ceramic Bottom Bracket Bearings-2437DD

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CEMA Bottom Bracket Bearing (BB90) - Hybrid Ceramic

Elevate Your Cycling Performance: Upgrade your bottom bracket with the CEMA BB90 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability, this high-quality bearing is meticulously engineered to fit BB90 bottom bracket systems. With its precise specifications and double-sealed closure, it guarantees a smooth and reliable cycling experience.

Superior Hybrid Ceramic Technology: The CEMA BB90 Bottom Bracket Bearing features advanced hybrid ceramic technology. Combining the strength of steel with the smoothness of ceramic, it offers unparalleled performance and efficiency. Experience reduced friction, increased durability, and improved power transfer, allowing you to maximize your pedaling efficiency.

Perfect Fit for BB90 Bottom Bracket Systems: Designed specifically for BB90 bottom bracket systems, the CEMA Bearing (BB90) - Hybrid Ceramic ensures a precise and secure fit. With a size of 24377 and an inner diameter (I.D.) of 24mm, outer diameter (O.D.) of 37mm, and depth of 7mm, it is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into your bottom bracket setup.

Reliable Double Sealed Closure: The CEMA BB90 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing is equipped with a double-sealed closure, providing optimal protection against contaminants, dirt, and moisture. This ensures long-lasting performance and extends the lifespan of the bearing, allowing you to ride with confidence in various conditions.

Exceptional Performance and Durability: Experience enhanced performance and durability with the CEMA Hybrid Ceramic Bearing. Its precise construction and high-quality materials ensure smooth rotation, reduced friction, and minimized wear. Count on this bearing to withstand the rigors of your cycling adventures, from intense training sessions to challenging terrains.


Specifications of Cema BB90 Ceramic Bottom Bracket Bearings-2437DD

Inner Diameter (mm)  24
Outer Diameter (mm) 37
Depth (mm) 7
Closure Type Double Sealed

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