BnB Rubber Strap For Swift AP-3857 | The Bike Affair
BnB Rubber Strap For Swift AP-3857 | The Bike Affair

BnB Rubber Strap For Swift AP-3857


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Introducing the BnB Rubber Strap for Swift AP-3857

The ultimate replacement solution for your trunk, spare tire, or hitch-mounted bike racks. Designed to fit various models including Aerorack, Everest Touring, Swift Touring, and Ranger Pro, these high-quality rubber straps provide a secure and reliable hold for your bikes during transport. Upgrade your rack system and enjoy worry-free cycling adventures.

Perfect Fit and Versatility: The BNB Rubber Strap features a length of strap with eight holes, allowing for easy adjustment and versatile attachment options. Whether you have the Aerorack, Everest Touring, Swift Touring, or Ranger Pro bike rack, these replacement straps are tailored to fit seamlessly and provide a snug fit for your bikes. No more worries about loose or shifting loads during your journeys.

Durable and Reliable: Crafted from premium rubber material, these replacement straps are built to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures. With their exceptional durability, the BNB Rubber Strap ensures long-lasting performance and reliable holding power. You can trust these straps to keep your bikes securely in place, even on rough terrains or during highway speeds.

Easy Installation and Adjustment: Replacing your worn-out or damaged straps is a breeze with the BnB Rubber Strap for Swift AP-3857. Simply remove the old strap and effortlessly slide in the new one. The eight-hole design allows for easy length adjustment, accommodating different sizes and shapes of bikes. Achieve the perfect tension and ensure a secure fit every time you hit the road.

Secure and Stable: With the BNB Rubber Strap, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bikes are securely attached to your bike rack. The eight-hole length provides multiple anchor points, ensuring maximum stability and minimizing any chance of slippage. Enjoy a worry-free ride and focus on the excitement of your cycling adventures.

Versatile Application: The BNB Rubber Strap is not limited to specific bike rack models. Its universal design and adaptability make it suitable for various trunk, spare tire, and hitch-mounted bike racks. Whether you own the Aerorack, Everest Touring, Swift Touring, or Ranger Pro, these replacement straps are compatible and offer a reliable solution for securing your bikes.


Specifications of BnB Rubber Strap For Swift

  • Replacement rubber straps for 
    • Spare Tier Series: RANGER PRO
    • Hitch Series: TAILGATOR PRO
  • 8 holes on length of strap 
  • Package of six in package
  • UV resistant rubber straps
  • Apply for Swift, Everest, Aerorack, V Rack ball, Ranger, and Tailgator

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