Bliz Vision Sunglasses


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Bliz Vision Sunglasses

Elevate Your Vision, Elevate Your Performance: Unleash the power of perfect vision with Bliz Vision Sunglasses. Designed to cater to wider faces as well as Asia fit, these sunglasses blend advanced technology, lightweight design, and unbeatable comfort. Step into a world where superior optics and adaptability redefine your sporting experience.

Tailored to Excellence: Vision is more than eyewear; it's a testament to customization. Designed for wider faces and Asia fit, Vision seamlessly adapts to your personal preferences. With Jawbone technology, adjust both vision and aesthetics according to your needs.

Advanced Clarity, Ultimate Comfort: Discover the brilliance of Bliz Vision Sunglasses. Crafted for comfort, its adjustable nose pad and temples ensure unbeatable fit. The large cylindrical lens offers exceptional optical quality, maximizing your field of view. Smart ventilation complements this, guaranteeing a clear view in all conditions.

Hydro Lens Tech Lens - Your Clear Advantage: Experience a world of clarity with Vision's Hydro Lens Tech lens. Engineered in X-PC, this lens provides unmatched visual acuity in varying weather conditions. From UV protection to minimal refraction, anti-scratch to hydrophobic qualities, Vision's lens redefines clear vision.

Personalized Optical Precision: Discover the unique feature of Vision - the optical adapter. Tailor your eyewear to your prescription with ease. This add-on, available separately, transforms Vision into glasses that are not only performance-driven but personalized to your visual needs.

Unisex Performance, Unparalleled Comfort: Vision is designed for everyone. Created to excel in the most demanding sports like cycling, skiing, and multisports, it satisfies the requirements of both amateurs and elite athletes. The optical adapter, purchasable separately, allows personalized adjustment, ensuring optimal performance.

Cutting-Edge Lens Excellence: Equipped with Hydro Lens Technology‚ĄĘ, Vision's X-PC lens ensures unparalleled clarity and crisp vision in all weather conditions. From UV protection to anti-scratch properties, Vision's lens guarantees a distortion-free view, complemented by smart ventilation for unbeatable performance.

High-Tech Design for High Performance: Crafted from Grilamid TR90, a high-tech material known for its flexibility, Vision ensures comfort in all conditions. With adjustable temples and nose pad, switch between activities seamlessly. The detachable lens can be swapped for various colors and filter categories (purchased separately).


Features of Bliz Vision Sunglasses

CE Standard: All Bliz Active products are CE-marked which means that we follow the basic health- and safety demands which can be found in the EU- Directives. You can find this manual in the product box.

100% UV-Protection: Bliz Active Eyewear protect your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays.

Hydro Lens System‚ĄĘ:¬†Bliz Hydro Lens Technology‚ĄĘ A lens that's delivers Perfect Curve, Max UV-Protection, X-PC Shatter Proof, Hydrophobic, Anti Scratch and when desired Multicoating or Polarized in one great lens.

Fits Optical Adapter: The Optical Adapter enables you to have prescription lenses built in for optimal vision when performing sports. Available as an accessory.

Click Hinge: Provides a premium feel and quality to your eyewear and helps you expand the life of your temples.

Adjustable Nose Pad: The nose pad is adjustable for a more comfortable and optimal fit around your nose.

Jawbone Technology: The Jawbone Technology allows you to easily change the appearance with different colors of Jawbone.

Friction Rubber Temple Tips: This glasses has friction rubber temple tips


Specifications of Bliz Vision Sunglasses

Art. nr.  52001-14 52101-63 52001-61 52001-03
Gender Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex
Size M/L M/L M/L M/L
Color Black Matt Yellow Matt Orange White
Lens Brown w Red Multi Smoke w Blue Multi Smoke Smoke w Blue Multi
Lens Type Standard Standard Standard Standard
Lens Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Frame Type Full Frame Full Frame Full Frame Full Frame
Frame Material Grilamid TR90 Grilamid TR90 Grilamid TR90 Grilamid TR90