Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair
Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses | The Bike Affair

Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses


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Elevate Your Sporting Vision with Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses

Where Performance and Vision Unite: When your sport demands excellence, your vision should be no exception. Bliz presents the Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses - a masterpiece of customization, advanced technology, and ultimate adaptability. With its remarkable features and cutting-edge design, Vision is your key to unlocking unparalleled performance.

Tailored for the Serious Athlete: For those who take their sport seriously, Vision is the perfect match. A model that's more than eyewear - it's an extension of your dedication to excellence. Vision's unparalleled customization ensures it becomes uniquely yours.

Advanced Design, Maximum Comfort: Technologically advanced yet exceptionally lightweight, Vision is a marvel of design. Featuring Jawbone technology, it adapts to your needs, ensuring both performance and aesthetics. The adjustable nose pad and temples guarantee unbeatable comfort throughout your endeavors.

Seamless Clarity and Field of View: The expansive cylindrical lens of Vision offers outstanding optical clarity, elevating your vision to new heights. Vision's remarkable lens design optimizes your field of view, enhancing your ability to perceive your surroundings. Plus, its efficient ventilation keeps your vision clear in all conditions.

Nano Optics Photochromic Wonder: Step into the future of eyewear technology with Vision's Nano Optics Photochromic lens. This photochromatic lens automatically adjusts its darkness based on sunlight strength - from light filter category 1 for night and cloudy weather to dark category 4 for sunny days. And it doesn't stop there - it's equipped with an array of invaluable features.

Complete Lens Protection: Embrace the benefits of a lens that truly cares for your eyes:

  • Anti-Scratch: Thin hairline scratches are history, ensuring your lenses stay pristine.
  • X-PC Toughness: Impact resistance without compromising visual acuity - your eyes are well-guarded.
  • UV-Protection: Shield your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, prioritizing both comfort and safety.

Seamless Vision Even in Challenging Conditions: No more fogged views! The integrated Nano Anti-Fog technology ensures optimal visibility by preventing condensation and moisture buildup.

Weather-Ready Performance: Rain, snow, or water drops? Not an issue. The hydrophobic coatings on Vision's lens keep your view crystal clear regardless of the elements.

Precision in Every Detail: Enjoy a world without distortion. Each lens is meticulously crafted for minimal distortion, ensuring a crisp and clear field of view.

Unlock Your Performance Potential: Experience excellence with Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses. From adaptability to protection, elevate your vision and redefine your performance journey. 


Features of Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses

CE Standard: All Bliz Active products are CE-marked which means that we follow the basic health- and safety demands which can be found in the EU- Directives. You can find this manual in the product box.

100% UV-Protection: Bliz Active Eyewear protect your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate LensThe lenses are made of Unbreakable Polycarbonate which are 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest degree of protection.

Fits Optical Adapter: The Optical Adapter enables you to have prescription lenses built in for optimal vision when performing sports. Available as an accessory.

Rubber Wire Core: The temples in Rubber Wire Core allows you to adjust the glasses for a more tight fit around your head.

Adjustable Nose Pad: The nose pad is adjustable for a more comfortable and optimal fit around your nose.  


Specifications of Bliz Vision Nano Photochromic Sunglasses

Art Nr.  52101-13P
Gender Unisex
Size M/L
Color Matt Black
Lens Brown w Blue Multi
Frame Type Full Frame
Frame Material Grilamid TR90

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