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Bliz Optical Adapter Vision/Hero/Breeze Sunglasses


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Enhance Your Vision with the Bliz Optical Adapter for Vision, Hero, and Breeze Sunglasses

Your Prescription, Your Style: Elevate your eyewear experience to a new level of comfort and clarity with the Bliz Optical Adapter. Specifically designed for Vision, Hero, and Breeze glasses, this adapter allows you to enjoy your favorite sunglasses with the added benefit of prescription lenses. Embrace a seamless fusion of style and functionality that caters to your individual needs.

Personalized Prescription Clarity: Never compromise on vision clarity again. The Bliz Optical Adapter empowers you to incorporate prescription lenses into your Vision, Hero, or Breeze sunglasses. Say goodbye to the hassle of wearing separate eyewear for prescriptions, and step into a world where style and functionality coexist.

Easy Attachment, Expert Crafting: Designed with simplicity in mind, the adapter seamlessly attaches to the inside of your lens. Take the adapter to your trusted optician, and they will craft the perfect prescription lenses for you. Enjoy unparalleled precision that matches your unique optical requirements.

Precise Measurements for Optimal Fit: The adapter is meticulously crafted with measurements that ensure a secure and comfortable fit. With lens measurements of 40mm*45mm and a total length of 115mm, you can trust that your adapted sunglasses will cater to your specific needs.

Unveil Your Personalized Style: Experience the freedom of pairing your prescription lenses with your favorite Vision, Hero, or Breeze sunglasses. Embrace your unique style without compromising on visual acuity, and step confidently into any situation.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Enjoyment: The Bliz Optical Adapter redefines eyewear convenience. No need to juggle multiple pairs of glasses; simply attach the adapter, get your prescription lenses crafted, and enjoy enhanced vision without sacrificing your style.

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