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Birzman Radio Pliers


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Birzman Radio Pliers

Elevate your bike maintenance with the Birzman Radio Pliers – precision-engineered from Alloy Steel to deliver a perfect blend of strength, toughness, and resistance against wear and tear. These pliers are a versatile tool, featuring five distinct crimping zones to handle various tasks with ease.

Alloy Steel Construction: Crafted from Alloy Steel, the Birzman Radio Pliers are built to withstand the demands of bike maintenance. This material ensures durability, strength, and resistance, providing a reliable tool for your workshop.

Five Crimping Zones: The Radio Pliers boast five different crimping zones, offering versatility for a range of tasks. From crimping cable end caps to forming holes for reforming housing ends and ferrules, these pliers are designed to handle multiple functions with precision.

Crimper for Cable End Caps: Specifically designed for bike cables, the Radio Pliers feature a dedicated crimper for cable end caps. This ensures a secure and professional finish to your cable installations, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of your bike.

Forming Hole for Precision: The inclusion of a forming hole adds another dimension to the functionality of these pliers. Use it for reforming housing ends and ferrules with precision, achieving a neat and reliable result.


Specifications of Birzman Radio Pliers

Material  Hardened Steel / High Polymer
Size 6”
Country of Origin Taiwan

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