Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black | The Bike Affair
Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black | The Bike Affair
Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black | The Bike Affair
Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black | The Bike Affair

Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black


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Introducing the Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black – a revolutionary cageless hydration solution designed for cyclists who value both functionality and aesthetics. With a patented cleat-to-clip locking mechanism, this compact bottle holder ensures easy accessibility and secure retention of your hydration during rides, all while preserving the sleek silhouette of your bike frame.

Patented Cleat-to-Clip Locking Mechanism: The Bottle Cleat features a patented cleat-to-clip locking mechanism that sets it apart. This innovative design not only allows for easy bottle access during rides but also ensures a secure and stable retention, providing a reliable solution for cyclists who prioritize convenience.

Compact and Cageless Design: Say goodbye to traditional bottle cages – the Bottle Cleat offers a cageless design that seamlessly integrates with the frame, preserving its aesthetic appeal. Experience a clean and streamlined look while still having quick and convenient access to your hydration.

Symmetrical Retention Clip: Designed for flexibility, the Birzman patented retention clip boasts a symmetrical construction. This allows for versatile assembly on either side, accommodating both left-handed and right-handed preferences. Enjoy a customized orientation that suits your specific needs.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted with quality in mind, the bottle body is made from FDA-approved food-grade LDPE, ensuring the safety of your hydration. The spout is constructed from BPA-free TPR, providing a reliable and health-conscious choice for your cycling adventures.

Upgrade Your Cycling Experience: Whether you're a casual rider or a cycling enthusiast, the Bottle Cleat - Black offers a stylish and functional upgrade to your hydration setup. Experience the convenience of a cageless design without compromising on accessibility and security.

Easy Installation and Removal: The Bottle Cleat is designed for hassle-free installation and removal, making it a practical choice for cyclists who want a user-friendly hydration solution. Enjoy the ease of use and convenience this innovative bottle holder brings to your rides.


Specifications of Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black

Body Material  FDA-approved food grade LDPE
Spout Material BPA-free TPR
Volume 650 ml / 21 oz
Temp. Tolerance -30~60 °C / -22~140 °F
Weight (g) 109 (incl.clip)
Size 19 x 9.2 x 7.6 cm (incl.clip)
Country of Origin Taiwan

Technologies of Birzman Bottle Cleat - Black

Birzman DNA:

The logo is marked on the packaging of certain products to signify their uniqueness, whether it be a Birzman original design or proprietary technology, in form or function.

This highlights the truly special and exceptional products out of all that we provide, building a characteristic collection.

Cageless Design:

The compact cageless design preserves silhouette of the frame, made possible by the patented cleat-to-clip locking mechanism.

The design facilitates bottle accessibility and retention during rides.

Flexible orientation of the clip brackets also allows assembly according to handedness.

Taiwan Patent: M527402

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