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Basso Astra Disc Frameset


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Basso Astra Disc Frameset

Embark on a journey of speed and confidence with the Basso Astra Disc Frameset – a true thoroughbred racehorse designed to propel you further and faster, while instilling unwavering confidence in your ride.

Basso DNA for Performance: Inheriting the unmistakable Basso DNA, the Astra is a performance-driven machine. Crafted to deliver an unparalleled cycling experience, it embraces the essence of speed, precision, and confidence.

Design Excellence: The Astra frameset takes design inspiration from its esteemed higher-tier siblings in the Basso family. The straight fork and rear triangle incorporate the same reactive and responsive handling, ensuring a ride that lives up to the pedigree of the Basso brand.

Optimized Geometry for Performance: Basso's meticulous geometry development ensures the perfect blend of snappy handling and acceleration, coupled with a comfortable riding position for the long haul. Experience the joy of a frameset designed to enhance both performance and endurance.

Confidence-Infused Handling: The Astra frameset is engineered to instill confidence in every pedal stroke. Whether you're pushing for speed or embarking on long journeys, its handling is reactive, responsive, and precisely tuned to the demands of the road.


Features of Basso Astra Disc Frameset

Versatility Redefined: The Astra maintains its road cycling essence but introduces enhanced comfort without compromising its lightweight nature (approximately 980g). Basso's advanced technological solutions ensure a smooth and responsive ride.

Beyond the Tarmac: Venture beyond with confidence, thanks to the 35mm tire clearance that lets you conquer light dirt roads. The integrated Paradigma technology and All Road handlebar by Microtech enhance safety and comfort while preserving a clean, aesthetic appeal.

Thoroughbred Performance: True to its Basso DNA, the Astra is a thoroughbred racehorse, designed for speed and confidence. Drawing inspiration from higher-tier brethren, its straight fork and rear triangle deliver reactive and responsive handling.

Premium Carbon Craftsmanship: Constructed from 100% 3k Torayca High Modulous Carbon Fiber, the Astra mirrors the performance of its higher-tier siblings, with handcrafted precision ensuring beauty both inside and out.

Optimized Front End Design: The Astra's front end, meticulously designed with stem and carbon spacers, creates a flush and stiff connection, enhancing both performance and aesthetics for an unparalleled riding experience.

3B Clamp System Gen 2: Introducing the invisible innovation—the 3B Clamp System Gen 2. Lightweight, solid, and integrated, it incorporates anti-vibration technology for a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. A true fusion of technological and aesthetic brilliance.

Adaptive Geometry: Basso's developed geometry ensures the perfect blend of snappy handling and acceleration, coupled with a comfortable riding position for extended journeys. An ever-evolving platform, the Astra adapts, becoming more versatile with each model.


Specifications of Basso Astra Disc Frameset

Frame  Astra carbon monocoque construction 100% 3K Torayca HMCF T700-MR60
Fork Astra carbon monocoque construction 100% 3K Torayca HMCF T700-MR60
Seat Post Clamp 3B Gen 2 Seatpost Clamp
Front Thru Axle Basso Standard 125 mm x 12 mm
Rear Thru Axle Basso Explorer 165 mm x 12 mm
Hanger Basso Disc Standard
Headset Microtech Integrated Cables HeadSet
Stem Paradigma Stem
Spacers Spacers already included: 3 x 5 mm
Handlebar Tape Logo Handlebar Tape 2 mm
Seatpost Heart Carbon -15 mm Seatpost
Color Grey Asphalt, Purple

Geometry of Basso Astra Disc Frameset

Sizes 48 51 53 56 58
Seat Tube (mm) 480 510 530 560 580
Top Tube (mm) 515 525
Reach (mm) 374 377 383
Stack (mm) 527
Seat Tube Angle (°) 75 75 74 73.5 73
Steering Tube Angle ( °) 71.8 72 72.3 73.5 73.5
Chain Stay Length (mm) 400 400 400 402 406
BB to Fork Length (mm) 576 585 592 590 599
Head Tube (mm) 125 150 162 180 204
Handlebar width out/out (mm) 420 420 440 440 440
Stem Length (mm) 100 100 100 110 120

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