B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair
B&W Bike Box II | The Bike Affair

B&W Bike Box II


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Discover the ultimate in bike transportation with the B&W Bike Box II – the evolution of elegance and functionality combined. Winner of the prestigious 2018 German Design Award, the Bike Box 2.0 is a testament to both award-winning design and comprehensive functionality, ensuring optimal security and protection for racing bikes and smaller mountain bikes with frames up to 62 cm during travel.

Award-Winning Design and Functionality

The Bike Box 2.0 boasts an award-winning design that combines elegance with practicality. Its extensive functionality perfectly secures and shields your bike while on the move.

Robust ABS Material

Crafted from rugged ABS material, the Bike Box II guarantees exceptional durability and protection for your bike, ensuring it remains safe throughout your travels.

Easy Packing with Fully Removable Lid

The fully removable lid simplifies the packing process, allowing easy and precise placement of bike frames up to 62 cm. Included straps ensure a secure fit, while multiple foam pads provide cushioning and protection.

Comprehensive Protection Accessories Included

Equipped with wheel bags, frame suspension, foam pads, chain guards, and more, the Bike Box 2.0 ensures comprehensive protection for every part of your bike.

Smooth Maneuverability and Transport

Featuring four smooth-running casters, including two swivel and two rigid casters, this case is highly maneuverable. Ergonomic pull handles and carry handles make transportation comfortable and convenient.

Experience unparalleled convenience and protection for your bike with the B&W Bike Box II – the ultimate solution for transporting your precious bike gear securely.


Features of B&W Bike Box II

  • Shell made of rugged ABS material
  • Perfectly sized for racing bikes and mountain bikes with a frame up to 62 cm
  • Four sturdy, smooth-running casters: two swivel, two rigid
  • Two carry handles
  • Two pull handles
  • Self-tightening strap system
  • Two medium wheel bags
  • Frame suspension
  • Foam block for chainring
  • Chain guard
  • Two foam pads to protect frame
  • Foam spacer for handlebars
  • Spacers for dropouts and front fork ends
  • Foam tube
  • Lockable with optional TSA-approved padlock

Specifications of B&W Bike Box II

Color Black
Internal Dimensions 1150/825 x 810 x 280 mm | 45.3/32.5 x 31.9 x 11.0 inch
External Dimensions 1190 x 890 x 295 mm | 46.9 x 35.0 x 11.6 inch
Weight 11,7 kg | 25,8 Ib
Max. Load 15 kg | 33.1 Ib

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