Ashima AD0102 Organic Discbrake Pads | The Bike Affair
Ashima AD0102 Organic Discbrake Pads | The Bike Affair
Ashima AD0102 Organic Discbrake Pads | The Bike Affair

Ashima AD0102 Organic Discbrake Pads


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Elevate Your Braking Performance with Ashima AD0102 Organic Disc Brake Pads

Experience the pinnacle of braking technology with Ashima AD0102 Organic Disc Brake Pads. Renowned for their commitment to research and development, Ashima has become synonymous with cutting-edge innovations and exceptional customer service.

Unrivaled Technological Expertise

Ashima's dedication to R&D places them at the forefront of bicycle control systems. These Organic Disc Brake Pads are a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence in braking performance.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Braking

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pads are designed to deliver consistent and reliable stopping power. Whether you're navigating steep descents or cruising through urban terrain, trust in Ashima for unparalleled braking control.

Comprehensive Impact Testing

Ashima doesn't just manufacture brake pads; they engineer complete braking systems. Each component, from brakes to forks, rims, discs, tires, and frames, is rigorously tested to ensure seamless integration and maximum performance.

Organic Formulation for Enhanced Performance

The organic composition of these pads offers a harmonious balance between stopping power and durability. Experience smooth, noise-free braking that enhances your overall riding experience.

Compatible with a Range of Bikes

Designed to meet the diverse needs of cyclists, these brake pads are compatible with various bike models. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend rider, Ashima ensures you have the braking confidence you need.

Choose Your Compound

Select from a range of specialized compounds to suit your specific riding needs:

  • OR (Off-Road): Designed for rugged off-road adventures.
  • SM (Street and Mountain): Ideal for versatile street and mountain biking.
  • CE (Commuter and Everyday): Engineered for daily commuting and regular use.
  • SI (Sports and Intensive): Tailored for high-intensity sports riding.
  • MC (Multi-Conditions): Offers reliable performance across various riding conditions.

Specifications ofĀ Ashima Ashima AD0102 Organic Discbrake Pads

Compatible ModelsĀ :

Ā DeoreĀ  BR-(M3050 / M315 / M355 / M365 / M375 / M395 / M415 / M416 / M416A / M4050 / M445 / M446 / M447 / M465 / M475 / M485 / M486 / M495 / M505 / M515 / M515LA / M525 / M575 /T615)
Deore LX BR-T675
Tourney TX BR-TX805
Metrea BR-UR300
Nexave BR-(C501 / C601)
BR MT200 / MT400 / MT500
Aquila MD-M500
Auriga HD-(M285 / M286 / M290 / M291 / M700 / T530 / T525 / T520 / E530 / E525 / E520 / E500)
Draco HD-(M350 / M351 / M352 / C605 / CC605slc / MD-C550slc / C610 / C610slc / 610C / C705 / 705C / C710 / 710C / C800 / C801 / C811 / M600 / M802 / G-specfmr R802 rear / spyke / eu810rear / eu811rear)
Orion HD-(M740 / M730 / M725 / M720)
Gemini HD-(M520 / M521 / M500 / M501 / M510)
HDC330 HD-(M330 / M301 / M300 / M280)
Aries MD-M300
Mira MD-C400
Volans HD-T710
Vela HD-(T290 / T285)
Dorado HD-E715
Promax DSK-(927T / 936 / 926 / 925 / 923 / 920 / 920m / 920T / 915 / 718R)
TRP Hylex ; HY/RD ; Spyre SLC Spyre ; Spyke ; Dash Sport
Giant MPH Root

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