Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34) | The Bike Affair

Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads Dura-Ace (No.34)


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Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads: A New Era of Braking Confidence

Say hello to the future of braking with Absolute Black's GraphenPads®. These Ceramic Graphenpads® set a whole new standard in the world of brake pads, thanks to our revolutionary design approach.

Cooler Brakes, Better Performance

We understand that the single most important component of your bike, determining your downhill confidence, is the brake pad. Our goal is simple: Keep your brake pad and rotor temperatures low, ideally below 400°C, especially during extended descents. The hotter the pads get, the faster they fade, leading to unpredictable and inconsistent braking.

Graphene Technology

We've integrated cutting-edge graphene technology into our pads. This wonder material is renowned for its remarkable strength and heat resistance. The result? A significant reduction in brake pad and rotor temperatures. In fact, our tests show temperature reductions of up to 35% compared to competitors.

Eradicating Brake Fading

Brake fading is the enemy of reliable stopping power. Overheated pads lose their consistency and can't be relied upon when you need them most. Absolute Black's GraphenPads® eliminate brake fading, providing you with predictable braking power, consistent initial bite, and modulation throughout those long, thrilling descents.

Protection for Rotors

Rotors endure extreme temperatures exceeding 500°C, which can lead to softening and warping, causing a decrease in brake performance. To combat this, it's crucial to dissipate heat quickly from the rotor-pad interface. Absolute Black's GraphenPads® excel in doing just that.

Compatible with Shimano Road Calipers

Whether you ride a bike with Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra, 105, or similar road calipers, our GraphenPads® are a perfect fit for enhancing your braking performance.

Elevate your confidence and ride with consistency. Choose Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads for an unmatched braking experience.

Key Elements

Key Elements of Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads

  • First pads on the market containing specially modified graphene in their friction compound, which greatly improves braking performance, durability and heat transfer to the backplate.
  • Thanks to the backplates being entirely covered in graphene heat dissipating coating, it was possible to achieve much greater heat transfer from the friction material to the cooling fins and at the same time, increase radiation of heat (IR spectrum) by over 20% (which is very significant).
  • First pads in the market with patented, angled radiator fins for superior airflow and cooling. Angle cutting provides three major benefits. 1- increased overall surface of the radiator by 40% vs standard cutting methods. 2- significantly greater airflow compared to traditional radiators that increases convective heat dissipation 3 –most importantly, 45deg angle cutting makes all the surfaces radiate the heat away from the brake pad. Heat radiation (IR spectrum) is the highest in perpendicular direction to the surface so in a standard radiator, every fin is radiating its heat at a neighboring fin, keeping more heat in the element. Our pads radiate all the heat away from the back plate.
  • To date, Graphenpads® are the only brake pads in the market that completely eliminate toxic copper, ahead of new regulations (copper brake dust is proven to be toxic to aquatic life hence new California regulation will ban use of copper from 2025)
  • Extraordinary lifespan of the brake pads and rotors. According to our own tests single set of pads lasted on average 8000km ( 4900 mi) in hilly terrain. Graphene in disc pad friction material also prolongs the life of rotors by embedding graphene particles into micropores of the rotor braking surface.
  • They are produced in EU unlike majority of other pads on the market, which come from a single Taiwanese factory.

Features of Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads

What You Feel

  • Predictability and power, allowing you to regain full control of your braking
  • Better modulation and faster stopping
  • Improved confidence when descending
  • No brake fade, more consistency and reliable braking feel corner after corner, even on the most demanding descends.
  • They are very quiet, even during long descends.
  • They reduce fatigue of your hands due to greatly reduced brake lever force needed to achieve powerful braking compared to competition.

Why The Majority Of Pads Have Similar Average Performance

The great majority of popular organic disc pads on the market are produced by just one Taiwanese company. Interestingly, they don’t develop braking compounds themselves but instead, source such formulas from elsewhere. Anyone can pick their braking compound from a short catalogue, then pick a color of the backing surface and just like that, they’ve created their own brand of braking pads.

Graphenpad’s friction compound on the other hand, was developed with help from renowned European disc pads specialist with decades of experience and one-of-a-kind equipment, that allows for precise performance testing. Graphene is still a very new material, especially in friction brake compounds. Due to its very unique properties and years of testing, we were able to develop a friction material like no other. In the automotive industry, where almost every major car maker has already filed several patent applications for friction compounds containing graphene, it’s clear to see that it is the future of braking pads. New regulations which start from 2025 will prohibit the use of copper powder in disc pads. Graphene is not only an excellent substitute to copper, but a major upgrade in terms of performance. We are the first company in the bicycle industry offering graphene in the friction compound.


Specifications of Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads

Material / Compound  Ceramic
Compatibility Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9270,BR-R9170, Ultegra BR-R8170,BR-R8070, 105 BR-R7070, Tiagra BR-4770, GRX BR-RX810,BR-RX400, XTR BR- M9100,BR-M9110, XT BR-M8110, SLX BR-M7110, Metrea BR-U5000, BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305, TRP HD-T910, Tektro HD- R510, HD-R310, Rever MCX1 Flat Mount
Composition Ceramic organic Performance friction compound containing graphene. The thermal coating contains graphene. We don't use copper or any heavy metals.
Usage All-Weather Conditions
In The Box Two Pads, One Spring
Lifespan According to our own tests single set of pads lasted on average 8000km ( 4900 mi) in hilly terrain.
Country of Origin Poland
How To Install

How To Install Absolute Black GraphenPads Disc Brake Pads

Please bed the pads in for proper braking experience. This is Crucial part of every brake pad installation. Neglecting this step will produce sub-par experience.

  1. Remove wheel and old brake pads.
  2. Use a brake cleaner to clean inside of the caliper and the rotor surface (alternatively use isopropyl alcohol)
  3. Gently push each piston back into the caliper body (using for example big screwdriver). Then mount new pads and spring
  4. Most Important Part - While riding at about 20km/h (12mph) in safe environment, apply brakes evenly until speed drops to walking pace. Repeat 20 times. Then stop 10 times aggressively

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