WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C Tan (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C Tan (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C Tan (Wired) | The Bike Affair
WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C Tan (Wired) | The Bike Affair

WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C Tan (Wired)


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WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C (Wired)

Experience unfaltering speed and exceptional efficiency with the WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C (Wired). Designed to provide superior traction and endurance for riders who demand performance, this tire is the perfect choice for conquering any terrain and leading the pack.

Unmatched Performance in Varied Conditions: The Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre is engineered to excel in a wide range of conditions. From smooth pavement to challenging dirt trails and gravel roads, this tire delivers consistent performance, allowing you to maintain speed and control across diverse surfaces. It's the ultimate companion for riders who seek adventure without compromising on speed.

Efficiency and Traction for Endurance: If you're looking for a gravel tire that keeps your legs fresh during long rides and accommodates extended dirt tours with ease, the Riddler is your answer. Its optimized design strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and traction, ensuring your legs stay on their game for hours on end. Conquer the toughest terrains and explore new horizons with confidence.

Versatility for Any Riding Style: The Riddler is equally at home on your local cyclocross course or gravel B-road. Its versatility allows you to push your limits and perform at your best in any environment. Whether you're seeking speed in intense cyclocross races or embarking on adventurous gravel expeditions, this tire is designed to adapt and deliver exceptional results.

  • Usage: Gravel • Cyclocross
  • Conditions: Pavement • Hardpack • Dirt • Gravel

Features of WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C  (Wired)

Semi-Slick Tread: The Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre is equipped with a semi-slick tread design. The shorter center knobs are strategically placed to reduce rolling resistance, making it easier to pedal with efficiency. Despite the reduced knob height, they still provide ample bite for out-of-the-saddle pedaling. Additionally, the increased height of the outer knobs enhances cornering traction, ensuring you have the necessary grip, especially on loose gravel roads.

Efficient Knob Spacing: The tire features tightly spaced knobs throughout the tread, contributing to its excellent performance across a wide range of riding conditions. The efficient knob spacing enables the Riddler 700 to roll quickly and efficiently, regardless of the terrain. The uninterrupted knobs ensure that every watt of power you generate translates into forward momentum, maximizing your riding efficiency.

Two Widths, Many Uses: The Riddler 700 is available in two different widths: 37mm and 45mm. The Riddler 37 is the go-fast option designed for riders who aim to achieve high speeds and optimal performance on cyclocross or gravel bikes. On the other hand, the Riddler 45 is the go-confidently choice, offering a wider platform suitable for long gravel rides or bikepacking adventures. Regardless of the width you choose, the Riddler 700 is widely recognized as a versatile and reliable gravel tire in WTB's product lineup.

Tubeless Compatible: The Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre is compatible with WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS). These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing that offers numerous advantages. By going tubeless, you can significantly reduce the risk of flats, allowing for a more enjoyable and worry-free riding experience. Additionally, tubeless tires enable you to run lower tire pressures, enhancing traction and comfort over traditional tube-type tires.

The WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C (Wired) combines a semi-slick tread design, efficient knob spacing, multiple width options, and tubeless compatibility to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for gravel riders. Experience reduced rolling resistance, optimal traction, and the ability to conquer diverse riding conditions with confidence.


Specifications of WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C (Wired)

Part Number W010-0695
Size 700c x 45mm
Level TCS Light/Fast Rolling (tan)
ETRTO 44-622
GMS 44/45
Tubeless Compatibility TCS Tubeless
Casing Single-ply 60tpi
Puncture Protection n/a
Weight 560g
Compound Dual DNA
Min-Max Pressure 25-50 psi

Technologies of WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre 700x45C (Wired)

TCS (Tubeless Compatible System): The WTB Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre features the TCS technology, a leading tubeless rim/tire system designed to meet international ETRTO and ISO standards. This system allows for easy tubeless setup and offers the benefits of improved traction, reduced flats, and the ability to run lower tire pressures for enhanced comfort and performance.

Light Casing: The Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre utilizes a lightweight casing made of a single layer of supple material. This gram-conscious casing conforms to the terrain, providing maximum performance, exceptional reliability, and low rotational weight. The light casing enhances the tire's responsiveness and overall riding experience.

Fast Rolling Compound: The tire is equipped with a specially formulated compound that prioritizes rolling efficiency. The fast rolling compound reduces rolling resistance, allowing for faster speeds and improved efficiency on various surfaces. Despite its focus on speed, the compound still delivers dependable traction and lasting durability.

SG2 Puncture Protection (Optional): For added puncture protection, the Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre is available with the SG2 technology. SG2 provides comprehensive bead-to-bead coverage, protecting both the tread and sidewall from slashes and punctures. The unique flat profile of the nylon fibers within SG2 increases puncture resistance while reducing weight and improving the tire's overall liveliness. Additionally, the tightly woven fibers of SG2 enhance air retention, ensuring better pressure maintenance between rides.

Black or Tan Sidewalls: The Riddler Comp Gravel Tyre offers the choice between black or tan sidewalls. The black sidewalls provide a sleek and traditional look that seamlessly blends with the bike's components and wheels. On the other hand, the tan sidewalls offer a retroesque aesthetic combined with modern technology, creating an iconic and high-performance gravel tire look. Gram-conscious riders may opt for tan tires, as the compounds used to manufacture them are slightly lighter than those used for black sidewalls.

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