Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals | The Bike Affair
Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals | The Bike Affair

Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals


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Wahoo Powerlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals

Optimize your cycling performance with the Powrlink Zero power pedal. Built on the Speedplay Pedal System, it delivers accurate power and cadence data. With easy app set-up, dual-band connectivity, and compatibility with the Wahoo ecosystem, it's the perfect training companion. Enjoy enhanced walkability, adjustable cleats, superior cornering clearance, and exceptional durability. Rechargeable battery and temperature compensation ensure reliable performance.


Features of Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals

  • +/- 1% Power Accuracy: Lab-tested precision for accurate power measurement during training.
  • Left Power: Single-sided power sensor doubles left side power to estimate total power output.
  • Cadence: Internal gyroscope reports cadence data for better performance analysis.
  • Easy App Set-Up: Simple and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app guides installation, calibration, and firmware updates.
  • Wahoo Ecosystem Compatible: Pair with other Wahoo devices for a connected training experience.
  • Dual-Band ANT+ and Bluetooth Technology: Connect to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Dual-Sided Entry: Maximizes power transfer and facilitates easy clip-in.
  • Enhanced Walkability: Slim profile cleat and rubber texture provide stability while walking.
  • Integrated Profile: Seamlessly connects POWRLINK ZERO with SPEEDPLAY Standard Tension Cleat for optimized power transfer and aerodynamics.
  • 3-Axis Adjustability: Position and adjust the cleat for personalized fit and optimal performance.
  • Rotational Free Float: Up to 15 degrees of float for increased comfort and pedal efficiency.
  • Superior Cornering Clearance: Adapted from SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal System for confident cornering.
  • Exceptional Durability: Stainless steel construction and triple-sealed bearing system ensure longevity and low maintenance.
  • Temperature Compensation: Accurate power data across changing temperatures.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Long-lasting battery with up to 75 hours of life.
  • Standard Tension Cleat: Includes aerodynamic cleats and surrounds for a walkable system.
  • Easy Tension Cleat Compatible: Works with separately available Easy Tension Cleat for easier unclipping.

Specifications of Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals

Physical Dimensions  9  x 4 cm
Country of Origin Vietnam
Weight 250 g | 0.55 lbs total (Left: 138 g, Right: 112 g)
Stack Height 13 mm (3 hole)
Q Factor 55 mm
Body Material Grivory
Spindle Material Stainless Steel
Bearing Type Triple Sealed Cartridge & Needle Bearings
Cornering Clearance 39°
Cleats Standard Tension Included (Easy Tension Compatible)
Release Angle Micro Adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
Pedal Float Adjustable from 0° to 15°
Cleat Fore-Aft Adjustability Up to 13 mm
Cleat Left-Right Adjustability Up to 6mm
Walkable Cleat Yes (adaptor included)
Battery Life Up to 75 hours
Connectivity ANT+, Bluetooth
Max Rider Weight 250lbs

In The Box

Box Contents of Wahoo Powrlink Zero Single-Sided Power Pedals

  • Left Power and Right Standard Pedals
  • Standard Tension Cleats
  • Washer (x2)
  • Cleat Assembly
  • Cleat Spacer
  • Screw Packet
  • Charging Cable and Clip
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Product Information Guide

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