Wahoo Kickr Bike Smart Bike Indoor Trainer


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Experience the Ultimate Indoor Cycling Journey with the Kickr Bike Smart Bike

Unprecedented Innovations for Powerful and Personalized Training

  • Integrated grade changes, customizable gearing, and simulated shifting for a realistic cycling experience.
  • Achieve a customized fit, shifting, and gearing to match your outdoor bike.
  • Real-time physical grade changes transport you to immersive and lifelike rides.
  • Accurate power measurement with a precision of +/- 1% and up to 2500W of resistance.
  • Enjoy virtually silent operation for a distraction-free workout.
  • Direct Connect and WiFi Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your devices for a streamlined training experience.
  • ERG Easy Ramp: Get back in action quickly and effortlessly.
  • Odometer: Track your total trainer mileage and monitor your progress.
  • Race Mode (Coming Soon): Gain a competitive advantage with WiFi-powered broadcasting for critical race stages.

Ride Real: Blurring the Line Between Virtual and Reality

The Kickr Bike Smart Bike combines Kickr's legendary ride feel with cutting-edge innovations like integrated grade simulation. Embrace the ultimate indoor cycling experience that makes virtual rides feel just as real as the open road.


Features of Wahoo Kickr Bike Smart Bike Indoor Trainer

Realistic Ride Feel:¬†Kickr Bike Smart Bike combines KICKR‚Äôs legendary resistance and grade simulation technologies to replicate the sensation of riding outdoors ‚Äď including downhill simulation that allows you to maintain speed on virtual descents.

Real-Time Physical Grade Changes: With integrated tilt, this indoor smart bike simulates grade changes in real-time by not only providing changes in resistance, but also physically raising and lowering the smart bike to match ascents up to 20% and descents as steep as -15%.

Five Point Adjustable Fit: Adjust the fit of your smart bike to match your outdoor bike's geometry across 5 points - stack, reach, setback, saddle height, and frame height.

Programmable Virtual Shifting: Customize the Kickr Bike shifting controls to match shifters from the leading manufacturers - SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo.

Programmable Gearing: Replicate your outdoor bike down to the exact gearing configuration by selecting the number of speeds and cassette tooth count.

Seamless Connectivity: Offering a robust 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, up to 3 Bluetooth Connections, a direct connect port and ANT+/ANT+FE-C compatibility, Kickr Bike smart bike pairs to most devices and applications so you have the most control over your training and ride data.

No Limits Training With Wahoo X: All Wahoo smart trainers and smart bikes come with a trial to Wahoo X, giving you immediate access to two completely unique indoor cycling apps through one account.


Specifications of Wahoo Kickr Bike Smart Bike Indoor Trainer

Maximum Power Output  2500 Watts
Maximum Simulated Grade 20%
Minimum Simulated Grade -15%
Product Weight 93 lb / 42 kg
Drivetrain Belt Drive
Resistance Type Electromagnetic and enhanced motor
Power Accuracy +/-1%
Connectivity ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, Direct Connect
Crank Arm Lengths (mm) 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175
Rider Height Range 5 feet (152 cm) to 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Maximum Rider Weight 250 lb / 113 kg
Supported Devices iPhone / iPad: iOS 13 or newer
Android: Please visit our support site to check for Android compatibility.
MacOS: Bluetooth enabled or pair with ANT+ dongle
Windows PC: Bluetooth enabled or pair with ANT+ dongle
In The Box

Box Contents of Wahoo Kickr Bike Smart Bike Indoor Trainer

  • Kickr Bike smart bike
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Allen Wrenches (4mm and 5mm)
  • Handlebar Assembly
  • Seatpost and Saddle Assembly
  • Does not include pedals