Vittoria Road Speed Shoes | The Bike Affair
Vittoria Road Speed Shoes | The Bike Affair
Vittoria Road Speed Shoes | The Bike Affair
Vittoria Road Speed Shoes | The Bike Affair

Vittoria Road Speed Shoes

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Unleash Your Speed with Vittoria Road Speed Shoes

Experience the thrill of speed on the road with the Vittoria Road Speed Shoes, designed to take your cycling performance to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, these shoes offer the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and adaptability. Here's why the Vittoria Road Speed Shoes should be your go-to choice:

Precision CRS Fastening System: The Vittoria Road Speed Shoes are equipped with a cutting-edge CRS fastening system that seamlessly adjusts to the contours of your foot. Achieve a customized fit that enhances your comfort and power transfer, ensuring that every pedal stroke counts.

Lightweight Performance: Engineered for speed, these shoes are crafted to be lightweight without compromising on durability. Embrace a shoe that supports your agility and responsiveness, enabling you to tackle steep climbs and swift descents with confidence.

Adaptable for All Riders: Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a passionate enthusiast, the Vittoria Road Speed Shoes cater to your riding style. Their versatile design is suitable for both higher-level racing and leisurely rides, making them a versatile addition to your cycling gear.

Optimal Power Transfer: Every watt matters when it comes to cycling performance. These shoes ensure that your energy is efficiently transferred to the pedals, helping you maintain consistent speed and endurance on the road.

Comfortable Fit: Beyond performance, comfort is paramount. The Vittoria Road Speed Shoes provide a comfortable fit that minimizes pressure points, allowing you to focus on the ride without distractions.

Durable Construction: Vittoria is synonymous with quality, and the Road Speed Shoes are no exception. Their durability ensures that they will accompany you on countless rides, delivering reliable performance mile after mile.


Specifications ofĀ Vittoria Road Speed Shoes

Recommended UseĀ  Road
Gender Men
Stiffness Index 8/14
Sole Material Nylon
Upper Construction Nylon Mesh, Hydro-Repellent Leather
Closure System Buckle / Velcro
Cleat Attachment 3 Hole
Fit Regular
Color White/Orange
Country of Origin

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