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Unived Pea Protein Isolate | The Bike Affair
Unived Pea Protein Isolate | The Bike Affair

Unived Pea Protein Isolate

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Looking for a top-notch plant-based protein source that's clean, organic, and vegan? Look no further than Unived Pea Protein Isolate! Say goodbye to whey and embrace the power of pure organic peas. Our pea protein isolate is a game-changer for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a high-quality protein supplement without any of the unwanted additives.

Purity and Allergy-Friendly

Unived Pea Protein Isolate is 100% vegan and free from soy, eggs, gluten, dairy, and cholesterol. If you have allergies or follow a strict vegan diet, this is the ideal protein choice for you. Plus, it's diabetic-friendly, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of health-conscious individuals.

Certified Organic, Non-GMO

We believe in bringing you the best of nature without any compromises. Our pea protein is derived from non-GMO, organic yellow peas. With no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or emulsifiers, you can trust that you're getting pure, unadulterated nutrition.

Easy Mixing and Versatile

To make the most of your protein shake, use a blender for optimal mixability. Not limited to just shakes, Unived Pea Protein Isolate can be used in a variety of recipes, from baking to making delicious smoothies. Get creative and enjoy the wholesome goodness in your favorite dishes!

Muscle Repair and Maintenance

Our Organic Pea Protein Isolate is a complete protein source, rich in essential and non-essential amino acids. With 25g of pure protein per serving, it provides the building blocks your body needs for muscle repair and growth, akin to the benefits of whey protein.

The Power of BCAAs

BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) are essential for athletes seeking optimal performance and recovery. Unived Pea Protein Isolate packs a punch with 4.54g of natural BCAAs per serving. Feel energized during workouts and support muscle thickness, just like you would with whey protein.

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Achieve a balanced and complete amino acid profile with each serving of Unived Pea Protein Isolate. It contains all essential and non-essential amino acids, including arginine, glutamine, leucine, and lysine. These vital components contribute to tissue, bone, muscle, and antibody development, ensuring your body receives comprehensive nourishment.

High Digestibility with Natural Enzymes

We've made digestion easier for you! Unived Pea Protein Isolate boasts an impressive digestibility rate of 98%. No more bloating or discomfort commonly experienced with other proteins. With the addition of natural digestive enzymes like alpha-amylase, acid protease, neutral protease, alkaline protease, and papain, you can enjoy a smooth, gentle digestion process.

Heart-Friendly and Cholesterol-Free

Your heart will thank you for choosing Unived Pea Protein Isolate. With low levels of saturated fat and absolutely no cholesterol, it promotes HDL (good cholesterol) levels in your body. Feel good about supporting your heart health while nourishing your muscles.

Environmentally Conscious Choice

Unived Pea Protein Isolate not only benefits you but also our planet. Being sustainably sourced from organic peas and involving less industrial processing, it's a compassionate and eco-friendly protein option.

Discover the Power of Unived Pea Protein Isolate

With Unived Pea Protein Isolate, you're making a smart and wholesome choice for your body, your well-being, and the environment. Fuel your performance, support muscle recovery, and embrace the clean power of organic plant-based nutrition.

  • 25g Organic Pea Protein & 4545mg BCAAs per serving
  • Natural Digestive Enzymes – acid protease, neutral protease, alkaline protease, papain, and amylase
  • Non-GMO, Sugar-free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free
Usage Directions

Usage Guide of Unived Pea Protein Isolate

Weight Training Benefits

Unived Pea Protein Isolate is effective if you want to gain lean muscles mass and decrease muscle damage. It helps enhance your energy and stamina, which aids you to workout for long hours at the gym. With 25 grams of pea protein isolate, it helps in the synthesis of muscle protein. This speeds up the muscle recovery process. Unived Pea Protein Isolate also increases the supply of blood to the muscle tissues, which in turn increases the transport of nutrients to the muscles, aiding in the fast recovery of muscles. The balanced and complete amino acid profile of Unived Pea Protein Isolate gets absorbed into the muscle cells quickly and provides you with the immense benefits of pea protein.

Endurance Athletes

Unived Pea Protein Isolate is especially recommended for endurance athletes to maintain, repair, and grow lean muscle mass, as well as, support immune system function. Endurance athletes with low dietary protein increase recovery time between workouts causes muscle weakness, and suppress the immune system. Protein deficiency will make your training obsolete leaving you susceptible to fatigue, muscle soreness, lethargy, and other severe disorders. Incorporating a high-quality protein supplement to your training arsenal provides the essential and non-essential amino acids required to reduce tissue cannibalization. With the consumption of Unived Pea Protein Isolate, you will increase lean muscle mass, reduce muscle damage, improve endurance levels, and reduce recovery time without sacrificing your hard work during training.

Anyone, not just Vegans & Vegetarians

While Unived Pea Protein Isolate is especially beneficial for athletes, it is also ideal for anyone looking to supplement their diet with a high-quality protein to meet their daily intake requirements.

Unived Pea Protein Isolate provides plant-based vegan pea protein isolate that is superior to the protein found in common vegetables and it is a highly nutritious source for individuals with exclusionary diets like vegans and vegetarians, to ensure that they meet their recommended dietary intake of protein. Individuals with lactose intolerance and soy allergies can benefit from Unived Pea Protein Isolate, as it is free of major allergens. Regular consumption of Unived Pea Protein Isolate is beneficial for anyone who wants to raise the nutritional heft of their diet.

Suggested Use

Unived Pea Protein Isolate can be taken at any time during the day. You can simply put in a shaker, make a smoothie with it, or bake some baked goodies with it.

For athletes or gym junkies, it is suggested to take at least one serving of Unived Pea Protein Isolate within 45 minutes post your workout and another serving before bedtime. For endurance athletes, Unived Pea Protein Isolate can be taken in conjunction with Elite Recovery Mix.

Unlike conventional whey supplements and other plant-based proteins, Unived Pea Protein Isolate is completely free of synthetic or natural emulsifiers and thickeners. For a smoother shake, we recommend using a blender; however, a shaker will also work just fine.

To make one serving of Unived Pea Protein Isolate, add one scoopful to 450ml of cold water or your favorite nut milk in a blender or shaker, and blend/shake until you get a rich, smooth and delicious shake.

Intake Guidelines

The recommended dietary intake of protein depends on factors like weight, the level of physical activity, and the nutritional goal in mind. For e.g. the protein intake of an athlete training for a demanding sporting event will be greater than that of a sedentary individual. Unived Pea Protein Isolate can be consumed at any time of the day, the best time to have it within 45 minutes post-workout. However, it can be had before exercising and before bed.

How much to take?

As a basic guideline, we recommend that adults should consume 1-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to meet their dietary requirements of protein.

Physically active adults and athletes should consume 1.5-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to sustain their training and meet their elevated protein needs[9].

We recommend consuming a minimum of one serving of Unived Pea Protein Isolate per day, although, you may take up to 3-4 servings if desired.


Unived Pea Protein Isolate strictly adheres to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines and does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification, or confirmation (written or otherwise) of the same.


Note: Pea protein as such does not taste as great. One cannot compare this to Whey protein and/or expect any pea protein product to taste like Whey. If you are big on taste and cannot do without the regular high-sugar rich chocolate taste – then this product may not be for you. If you are looking for a superior product, a clean product, and are more concerned about getting your 25 grams of protein from a sustainable and clean source, and if you can accept a small compromise in taste – then this is just the product for you. It does NOT taste ‘bad’ – but it does take some getting used to.

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