Tripeak #699 (ABEC5)(9x20x6mm) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing | The Bike Affair
Tripeak #699 (ABEC5)(9x20x6mm) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing | The Bike Affair

Tripeak #699 (ABEC5)(9x20x6mm) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing


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Elevate your cycling experience with the Tripeak #699 (ABEC5) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing. Tripeak is a trusted name in the world of cycling components, known for producing high-quality bearings designed to enhance your ride.

High Precision ABEC5 Grade

This bearing is manufactured to ABEC5 precision standards. The ABEC rating system assesses bearing tolerance and precision, with ABEC5 being a high level of precision suitable for demanding cycling applications.

Smooth and Reliable Performance

Expect a smooth and reliable performance from your bike's components when equipped with the Tripeak #699 bearing. Its precision design minimizes friction, ensuring efficient power transfer and reducing wear.

Race-Proven Reliability

Tripeak bearings are trusted by cyclists around the world for their race-proven reliability. They excel under rigorous conditions, offering low noise operation, high-speed capability, and resistance to elevated temperatures.

Detachable Lip Contact Seals

The bearing features high-quality seals on both sides. These detachable single lip contact seals serve a dual purpose. They protect the bearing from contamination during manufacturing and use, and they maintain optimal lubrication, ensuring long-term performance.

Optimal Dimensions

This bearing has an inside diameter of 9mm, an outside diameter of 20mm, and a width of 6mm, making it suitable for a wide range of bicycle hub assemblies.

Versatile Application

The Tripeak #699 (ABEC5) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing is versatile and can be used in various bicycle applications. Whether you're a professional cyclist or a dedicated enthusiast, this bearing will enhance your ride.


Features ofĀ Tripeak #699 (ABEC5) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing

  • Defauld Standard on DT SWISS hub set
  • Low noise. High speed. High temperature resistance.
  • Both sides of the detachable single lip contact seal prevent contamination and maintain lubrication in the manufacturing process.
  • Specifications ofĀ Tripeak #699 (ABEC5) High Precision Steel Hub Bearing

    Model No
    Size 9x20x6mm
    Inside Diameter (mm) 9
    Outside Diameter (mm) 20
    Width (mm) 6
    Bearing / Grade TPI Steel Bearing, ABEC5Ā grade
    Made in Taiwan

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