Tripeak (41x30.1x6.5) (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing | The Bike Affair
Tripeak (41x30.1x6.5) (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing | The Bike Affair

Tripeak (41x30.1x6.5) (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing

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Upgrade your bike's headset with the Tripeak (41x30.1x6.5) (45/45 Deg) Headset Sealed AC Bearing to enjoy a smoother and more reliable riding experience. This high-quality bearing is designed to fit 45° angle headsets precisely, ensuring optimal performance.

Perfect Fit

This headset bearing has an outside diameter of 41mm, an inside diameter of 30.1mm, and a height of 6.5mm. These dimensions are tailored for 45° angle headsets, guaranteeing a perfect fit in your bike's setup.

Sealed AC Bearing

The bearing is equipped with a sealed AC (angular contact) bearing. This sealing provides enhanced protection against common elements like dust, dirt, and moisture. It helps prolong the lifespan of your headset by reducing wear and tear.

Improved Performance

By replacing worn-out or subpar headset bearings with the Tripeak (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing, you can significantly enhance your bike's performance. Say goodbye to unnecessary friction and enjoy smoother steering and control.

Easy Installation

Installing this bearing is straightforward, and it requires minimal maintenance. It's a convenient upgrade that can make a noticeable difference in your bike's handling and overall riding experience.


Features of Tripeak (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing

  • Designed for 45° angle headsets
  • Enjoy smooth and reliable headset performance
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Specifications of Tripeak (45/45°) Headset Sealed AC Bearing

    Size 41x30.1x6.5mm
    Inside Diameter (mm) 30.1
    Outside Diameter (mm) 41
    Height (mm) 6.5
    Bearing / Grade Sealed AC bearing
    Made in Taiwan

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