Supacaz Suave Bar Tape | The Bike Affair
Supacaz Suave Bar Tape | The Bike Affair
Supacaz Suave Bar Tape | The Bike Affair
Supacaz Suave Bar Tape | The Bike Affair
Supacaz Suave Bar Tape | The Bike Affair

Supacaz Suave Bar Tape


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Suave Bar Tape: Where Performance Meets Style

Supacaz Suave Bar Tape is the epitome of excellence, chosen by the prestigious UCI powerhouse Quick-Step Floors cycling team. With a perfect fusion of performance and style, Supacaz has crafted the ultimate bar tape that every cyclist dreams about. Suave Bar Tape stands out with its feathered edges, stretchiness, and silicone gel, delivering a clean wrap and an exceptionally smooth ride.

UCI Powerhouse Quick-Step Floors' Choice

Being the bar tape of choice for the Quick-Step Floors cycling team, Suave is a testament to its top-tier quality and performance. When world-class athletes trust and rely on this bar tape, you know it's something truly exceptional.

Feathered Edges and Stretchiness for a Flawless Wrap

Suave Bar Tape sets itself apart with its feathered edges, allowing for a seamless and clean wrap around your handlebars. The stretchiness of the tape ensures a snug and secure fit, eliminating any uneven or loose wrapping. Experience the joy of perfectly wrapped handlebars that not only feel great but also look stunning.

Silicone Gel for an Unmatched Smooth Ride

The inclusion of silicone gel in Suave Bar Tape brings the promise of an unmatched smoothness during your rides. Enjoy reduced road vibrations and enhanced comfort, even during the most demanding and challenging cycling sessions. Suave delivers the ultimate combination of performance and luxury for discerning cyclists.

Style That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Supacaz is renowned for infusing style into every product they create, and Suave Bar Tape is no exception. Stand out from the crowd with a wide range of vibrant colors to match your bike's aesthetics and express your personality on the road.

Wrap Your Handlebars in Perfection

Whether you're a professional cyclist or an avid enthusiast, Supacaz Suave Bar Tape elevates your cycling experience to new heights. With its premium features, including feathered edges, stretchiness, and silicone gel, Suave Bar Tape ensures a flawless wrap and an unbeatable ride.

Features of Supacaz Suave Bar Tape

Eva Suede (top layer): Fusion of suede finish with the eva vibration dampening foam maximizes tackiness. Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat.

Kush Foam (Middle layer): Exclusive compound that maximizes dampening via a nano amount of foam. Shock absorbing qualities that drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions.

Silicone Gel:  This backing provides additional comfort and vibration dampening.  

Emboss: The tape is completed with the embossment of the beloved Supacaz pattern. The embossment creates the unique Supacaz look and wicks away moisture which maximizes grip. 

Starz Plugz:

  • Aluminum Bar Plugs
  • Screw & Expand (3mm)
  • Anodized or Powder Coated
  • Laser Etched logo

Finish Tape:

  • High-End Rubberized Tape (Multi-Use)
  • Supacaz Pattern Frost Print

Specifications of Supacaz Suave Bar Tape

  • Supple Hand Feel
  • Silicone Gel Injected
  • Most Durable EVA Tape
  • Aluminum Bar Plugs
  • Rubberized Finishing Tape
In the Box

Box Contents of Supacaz Suave Bar Tape

  • 2- Suave Silicone Gel tape rolls
  • 2- Aluminum Laser Etched Star Plugz (Powder Coated or Anodized)
  • 2- High End Rubberized Finish Tapes

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