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Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring


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Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring

Optimize Your Cycling Performance: Upgrade your cycling experience with the Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring. Specially designed for the discerning cyclist, this front chainring delivers optimal performance and precision, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time you hit the road.

Designed for Efficiency - Double Front Chainring: Experience seamless shifting and increased efficiency with the double front chainring design. The Shimano FC-R7000 ensures smooth gear changes, allowing you to conquer any terrain effortlessly and maintain your desired cadence.

34T-MS Chainring - The Perfect Fit: Optimize your gearing setup with the 34T-MS chainring, crafted to complement 50-34R configurations in a striking silver finish. Its precision engineering ensures flawless compatibility with your Shimano FC-R7000 crankset, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable riding experience.

Compatible with Shimano 105 R7000 Series: The Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring is part of the renowned Shimano 105 R7000 Series, renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. Experience the cutting-edge technology that empowers riders to push their limits and achieve new milestones.

11-Speed for Uncompromising Performance: Stay ahead of the pack with the 11-speed capability of this chainring. Whether you're sprinting on the flats or climbing steep inclines, the Shimano FC-R7000 ensures smooth gear transitions and a wide range of speeds to suit any riding scenario.

Enhance Your Cycling Experience: Take your cycling performance to new heights with the Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a passionate enthusiast, this chainring is the perfect addition to elevate your riding adventures.


Features of Shimano FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring

Double Front Chainring Design for Efficient Gear Shifting: Features a double front chainring design, allowing for efficient and smooth gear shifting. Enjoy precise and reliable gear changes for optimal performance.

34T-MS Chainring for 50-34R Compatibility (Silver Finish): Providing a wider gear range suitable for a variety of riding conditions. The silver finish adds a stylish touch to your bike.

Perfectly Compatible with Shimano FC-R7000 Cranksets: Perfectly compatible with Shimano FC-R7000 cranksets, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced cycling performance.

Part of the Acclaimed Shimano 105 R7000 Series: FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring offers the high-quality performance and reliability expected from Shimano's renowned 105 components.

11-Speed Capability for Versatile Performance: The FC-R7000 34T-MS Chainring is designed for 11-speed drivetrains, providing versatile performance with a wide range of gear options to tackle various terrains and gradients.

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