Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette


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Discover Reliable Shifting with the Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette

Shimano - 9-Speed - Hyperglide - MTB Cassette Sprocket

Experience the seamless and reliable 9-speed mountain bike shifting performance with the Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette. With its Hyperglide technology and durable silver finish, this cassette ensures a smooth and efficient ride, taking your mountain biking adventures to new heights.

Hyperglide Technology for Effortless Shifting: Enjoy effortless gear changes with Shimano's Hyperglide technology. The CS-HG400 cassette ensures swift and precise shifts, allowing you to conquer any trail with ease.

Durable Silver Finish for Lasting Performance: The CS-HG400 cassette features a durable silver finish that not only enhances the appearance of your bike but also ensures long-lasting performance, even under challenging riding conditions.

Reliable 9-Speed MTB Cassette Sprocket: Rely on the CS-HG400's 9-speed MTB cassette sprocket for consistent and trustworthy performance during your mountain biking adventures.


Features of Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette

Smooth and Comfortable Pedaling with Close Gear Steps: The CS-HG400 cassette's close gear steps provide smooth and comfortable pedaling, giving you a pleasant riding experience with every rotation.

Versatile Gear Options with Multiple Specifications: Choose from a range of specifications to suit your riding needs. From 11-25T to 12-36T, and with the addition of the 11-36T specification, find the perfect gear combination for various terrains and preferences. Please note that the 11-25T and 11-28T specifications are not compatible with RD-M4000/M3000.

Efficient Shifting with Hyperglide Technology: Embrace efficient and precise gear changes with Shimano's Hyperglide technology. The CS-HG400 cassette ensures swift shifting, allowing you to conquer challenging trails with ease.

Lightweight Design for Enhanced Performance: Enjoy a lightweight design that contributes to the overall performance of your bike. The CS-HG400 cassette enhances your riding efficiency, making each pedal stroke more effective.

Quick and Easy Assembly with Cassette Sprocket Cap: Installation becomes hassle-free with the cassette sprocket cap. The CS-HG400 allows for quick and easy assembly, saving you time and effort.


    Specifications of Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette

    Model No CS-HG400-9
    Series Shimano Alivio M3100 Series
    Type HG
    Compatible Chain HG 9-speed
    Rear Speeds 9
    Combination Name (Group Name) 11-25T (G)
    Combination * Titanium Gear|1 11-12-13-15-17-19-21-23-25T (G)
    Aluminum Gear_QTY (pcs) 0
    HG Spline (Others) Yes
    Steel Gear_QTY (pcs) 9
    Titanium Gear_QTY (pcs) 0

    Technology of Shimano Alivio CS-HG400 9 Speed Cassette

    HG Hyperglide:

    HG Cassette: The distinctively designed Hyperglide sprockets incorporate specially positioned shift ramps and tooth profiles for improved chain control during shifting. Fast and responsive indexed shifting is the result.

    The HG cassette sprocket, which was developed for the MTB 10-speed system, underwent comprehensive optimization to achieve super-highly efficient shifting.

    Guide the chain quickly and directly to the next sprocket without override.

    Conventional Cassette: Cause the chain to ride up and over the gear teeth before engaging the sprocket.

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