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Park Tool Chain Checker | The Bike Affair
Park Tool Chain Checker | The Bike Affair
Park Tool Chain Checker | The Bike Affair

Park Tool PT-CC-4 Chain Checker - 5 to 12 speed


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Park Tool Chain Checker - Your Chain's Best Friend!

Elevate your cycling performance with the Park Tool Chain Checker. Don't let a worn-out chain hinder your ride - poor shifting and potential drivetrain damage are no longer your concern. The CC-4 Chain Checker is your reliable gauge for measuring chain wear accurately and efficiently. Designed for simplicity and precision, it's your essential tool for ensuring optimal chain performance.

Say No to Chain Woes: Bid farewell to subpar shifting and drivetrain woes. The Park Tool Chain Checker is your guardian against chain wear, ensuring your ride remains smooth and your drivetrain components remain in top shape.

Precision at Your Fingertips: The CC-4 Chain Checker boasts laser-cut precision. With strategic contact points along the chain, it swiftly and accurately measures wear, eradicating the guesswork and giving you a clear indication of when it's time to replace your chain.

Universal Compatibility: Versatility is at the heart of the CC-4 Chain Checker. Compatible with 5 to 12-speed derailleur chains, including prominent brands like SRAM® T-Type, SRAM® Flattop™, and Shimano® XTR® 12-speed chains, it's your go-to tool for chain measurement.

Guiding You to Replacement: With accuracy down to 0.5% and 0.75% wear, the CC-4 Chain Checker aligns with most chain manufacturers' replacement recommendations. It ensures you're always aware of the ideal time to swap out your chain, saving you from costly drivetrain complications.

Features of Park Tool Chain Checker

  • 5-to-10-speed chains: replace chain at or just before 0.75%
  • 11-to-12-speed chains: replace at or just before 0.5%

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