Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset | The Bike Affair
Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset | The Bike Affair
Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset | The Bike Affair

Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset


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Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm Disc Wheelset: Unleash Your Cycling Potential

Discover the Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm Disc Wheelset, your ultimate all-road companion that excels on challenging climbs, rugged trails, and cobblestone paths. This wheelset is the epitome of versatility, capable of conquering any terrain.

Designed for 28mm Tyres

Part of our #thinkwider project, the Ronde wheelset is engineered to accommodate 28mm tyres. This innovative design ensures optimal performance across various surfaces.

Monuments Range: Lifetime Warranty

As a member of our prestigious Monuments range, the Ronde comes with a lifetime warranty, exemplifying its quality and durability.

Tough and Versatile, Just Like the Tour of Flanders

With a name like Ronde, you can expect a wheelset that mirrors the toughness and versatility required in the Tour of Flanders. This wheelset is your ticket to high-speed riding on smooth asphalt and unwavering performance on rough terrains.

One Wheelset for Varied Experiences

For riders seeking a single wheelset that can handle diverse riding experiences, the Ronde is the perfect choice. It's a true all-road wheelset that adapts to your cycling adventures.

Aerodynamic Excellence for Maximum Speed

The Ronde is aerodynamically optimized around 28mm tyres. It features distinct front and rear rim profiles, ensuring stability and top-notch speed regardless of the surface.

Backed by Research and Testing

Our differential front and rear design is the result of research conducted with Nottingham Trent University, a part of our #thinkwider project. The Ronde has undergone rigorous wind tunnel testing, establishing itself as the new standard for all-road disc brake wheelsets.

Unleash your cycling potential with the Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm Disc Wheelset and conquer any road or trail with confidence.


Specifications of Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset

Model  Ronde
Recommended Use Road
Wheel Size 700c
Front Axle 12mm x 100mm thru axle
Rear Axle 12mm x 142mm thru axle
Rotor Fitment Centerlock
Freehub Shimano / SRAM Hyperglide
Speed 11 Speed
Rim Material Carbon
Rim Depth 35.6 mm (front) / 39.3 mm (rear)
Max Rim Width 32.0 mm (front) / 30.5 mm (rear)
Internal Rim Width 22.5 mm
Weight 1,400 g (635 g front / 765 g rear)
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray (24 front / 24 rear)
Lacing Pattern 2-cross (front) / 2-cross (rear DS/NDS)
Hubs Parcours Disc Centerlock
Country of Origin China


  1. IIf you require QR axles or 15mm x 100mm thru axle (front), please contact us to discuss custom build options.
  2. If you require a Campagnolo or SRAM XDR freehub, please include a comment with your order and this will be fitted prior to shipping.  Note that there will be a 2-3 week lead time for a Campagnolo freehub.

Technology of Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset

#thinkwider Project:

When testing aerodynamic performance, there are three main tools that are used:

  1. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations
  2. Velodrome testing
  3. Wind tunnel testing

With each of these methods, the test subject (in our case a wheel) is tested in a controlled environment, either physical or virtual, under specific, controlled wind conditions. Wind speed can be scaled mathematically, to show drag (and other forces such as sideforce) at a range of speeds. However, the wind angle, known as the yaw angle, remains fixed, with the resulting drag value being specific to that angle.

In real world riding conditions, of course, the wind direction is rarely if ever stable and constant, so we need to be able to translate test results from fixed yaw angles to the more variable conditions encountered whilst riding. To do this, we need a dataset for "average" wind conditions, especially wind direction / yaw angle.

There are several such datasets already in use across the cycling industry. The simplest takes the average recorded wind conditions from UK Met Office weather stations across the UK (12 in total). However, these are fixed locations and the majority of readings are taken at a substantial height above the ground. Whilst wind profiles vary according to terrain, in all cases the elevation of a bicycle and/or bicycle component is such that wind speeds will differ from weather station readings due to the impact of the wind gradient.

The majority of the existing datasets have been determined by data collection from an instrumented bike. These bikes all use a single instrument (analogue wind vane) mounted out in front of the rider. This does provide data at a more appropriate ground elevation, however it does not take into account the airflow interaction with the bike or rider. This is particularly relevant when the item being tested is more likely to be impacted by "dirty" airflow, e.g. the rear wheel.

As we set out to develop the next generation of wheelsets, we wanted to fully understand the yaw angles that would be impacting both front and rear wheels individually, so that we could design each rim profile to perform at its best in those conditions.

Our #thinkwider rim profiles provide a new common design approach for our next generation of disc brake wheelsets. The differential front/rear profiles provide:

  1. Optimum aerodynamic performance when paired with a 28mm tyre
  2. Enhanced front wheel stability in crosswind conditions
  3. Maximised rear wheel aerodynamics from greater rim depth
In The Box

Box Contents of Parcours Ronde Carbon 35/39mm. Disc Wheelset

  • Wheelset
  • Tubeless tape
  • Tubeless valves
  • User guide

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