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MKS PB-390 Pedals

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The Perfect Replacement Pedal for a Hybrid, Town, Kids, or Beach Bike.

The PB-390 is a plastic, double-sided, entry level pedal featuring built in reflectors and rounded edges that prevent scratches if the bicycle falls over or is pushed against another bicycle in a rack.

The unique aspect of this pedal is that approximately 1/4th of the surface is a slightly concave platform that’s been covered with grip tape, while the remaining 3/4th's of the pedals profile has a concave, low and wide molded tread.

This grip tape provides a large contact patch when wearing smooth sole shoes such as dress shoes or heels and the molded treads pair well with sneakers, making this pedal a good match for all types of shoes.

Color  Black
Body Plastic-PP
Size W98 x L75 mm (W: Width; L: Length)
Stea Area Double Sided
Bearing Cup & Cone Bearings
Toe Clip Non
Reflector Installed
Purpose CITY
Weight of Pair 377 g

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