Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet | The Bike Affair
Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet | The Bike Affair
Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet | The Bike Affair
Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet | The Bike Affair
Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet | The Bike Affair

Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet


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Introducing the MET Parachute MCR MIPS CE Helmet, meticulously crafted to redefine your enduro, all-mountain, and e-MTB experiences.

Two Helmets in One

Discover the innovation of the MET Parachute MCR Helmet, featuring the revolutionary Magnetic Chinbar Release (MCR) system. Seamlessly switch between full-face protection and open-face freedom with just a click, offering unparalleled versatility on every ride.

Elevate Your Rid

Designed in collaboration with Fidlock, the MET Parachute MCR Helmet reflects the best of MET's craftsmanship. Its dual persona combines style and aggression in the full-face mode, while embracing the open-face look of all-mountain helmets.

Confidence for E-MTB

Unleash your e-bike adventures with the ultimate helmet. The Parachute MCR Helmet offers unmatched flexibility – open-face for those long rides and full-face for amplified confidence on challenging terrain. Whether you're ascending, descending, or exploring sideways, this helmet is tailored to maximize your trail time.

Advanced Protection, Enhanced Experience

With MIPS technology integrated, the MET Parachute MCR Helmet ensures superior protection by reducing rotational forces during impacts. Prioritize safety while immersing yourself in the thrill of every trail.


Specifications of Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet

MCR | Magnetic Chinbar Release 
MIPS Brain Protection System
ASTM 1952-15/2032-15 Certified (Shell and Chinbar)
Flexible Injected Visor | Adjustable Visor
BOA-FS1 Fit System
Fidlock Magnetic Buckle
21 Vents | Internal Air Channeling
Removable Cheek-Pads (2 sizes included)
Helmet Soft-Bag Included
Certifications CE; AS/NZS; US

Technology in Met Parachute MCR Mips CE Helmet

MCR - Magnetic Chinbar Release: 

MCR stands for Magnetic Chinbar Release and instantly converts from full to openface helmet and back. MCR is MET’s revolutionary system created in partnership with Fidlock. 

Adjustable Visor:

The visor has two adjustable positions to allow storage of goggles and sunglasses.

Cheek-Pads Are Removable And Washable: 

The Parachute MCR also comes with two sizes of pads in the box to help you to find the perfect fit and comfort.

Boa® Fit System:

  • The BOA® FS1 features incremental adjustment forward and backward to deliver a precise and adaptable fit.
  • It also offers 3 positions for vertical adjustment.
  • The belt runs 360° around the head to avoid any pressure points, optimizing comfort.

Magnetic Fidlock®:

The magnetic Fidlock® strap fastening system makes securing the helmet simple.

Brain Protection System: 

  • The MIPS-C2® solution separates the shell and the liner with a thin plastic Low Friction Layer (LFL).
  • This LFL, attached with 4 rubber elastomers, allows the helmet to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.


  • All MET helmets are known for how ventilated they are.
  • 21 vents and the MET engineered internal air channeling work in synergy with the breathable chinbar to maximize the airflow at low and high speed.

ASTM Certified: 

  • ASTM is the only standardised test for the safety of the chinbar. The Parachute MCR exceeds by 40% to 50% the stringent ASTM deflection limits.
  • We engineered the chinbar to reach the optimal balance of stiffness and energy dissipation to give you confidence when wearing the all-new Parachute MCR.

Flexible Injected Visor:

The visor is flexible injected to adapt to the shell of the helmet. This unique feature helps to manage extra rotational forces transferred to your neck in a crash.

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