Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset | The Bike Affair
Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset | The Bike Affair
Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset | The Bike Affair

Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset


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 Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset

Elevate Your Ride: Discover the perfect blend of Mavic's renowned quality and accessibility with the Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset. Designed to elevate your everyday road riding experience, this wheelset strikes the ideal balance between performance and affordability.

Unveil the Excellence of Aksium: Mavic's commitment to delivering premium features at an accessible price point comes alive in the Aksium wheelset. Crafted with precision engineering and advanced technologies, it's your key to unlocking quality performance for your daily rides.

Performance That's Always Within Reach: Designed with features usually reserved for high-end race wheels, the Aksium brings top-tier performance to your everyday adventures. Experience the efficiency of straight-pull spokes, enhancing strength and stiffness for confident riding. The lightweight rims infuse your journey with a lively and responsive feel.

Wider Rims, Greater Comfort: The Aksium's wider rims invite larger tire sections, offering improved comfort and better traction. Feel the road like never before as you glide on up to 32mm tires, enjoying a smoother and more controlled ride.

Robust Hubs for Enduring Journeys: Rely on the rugged durability of Aksium's hubs for miles upon miles of confident riding. These hubs are engineered for high mileage, providing long-lasting dependability that's ready for any adventure you undertake.

Smooth and Silent QRM Bearings: Experience the epitome of smoothness with Aksium's QRM bearings. Designed to provide the smoothest ride in its category, these bearings ensure your journey is characterized by quiet efficiency and effortless gliding.

Engineering for Durability: Your ride, your rules. The Aksium wheelset boasts high-quality cartridge bearings that enhance the wheelset's longevity. The pinned joint and reinforced drilling rim design further fortify its structure, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.

Confident Riding, Consistent Lacing: Aksium's consistent and stable spoke lacing ensures that your wheelset remains reliable no matter the terrain. This engineering precision contributes to your overall riding experience, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of the journey.

Experience the seamless harmony of quality and affordability. Elevate your road riding adventures with the Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset - your gateway to a superior cycling experience.


Features of Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset

  • Smooth and efficient ride quality for everyday road riding.
  • Accommodates larger tire sections (up to 32mm) for enhanced comfort.
  • Robust straight-pull spokes for superior strength.
  • High-quality cartridge bearings for enduring performance.
  • Pinned joint and reinforced drilling rim design for added durability.
  • Consistent and stable spoke lacing for confidence on every ride.
Material  Steel
Shape Straght Pull, Round (Front and Rear Non Drive Side) and Straight Pull, Flat (Rear Drive Side)
Shape Straght Pull, Round
Nipples Steel, ABS
Count 20 Front and Rear
Lacing Radial Front and Rear Non-Drive Side, Crossed 2 Rear Drive Side


Front and Rear Bodies  aluminum
Axle Material Steel
Freewheel FTS-L Steel
Freewheel Technology FTS-L Freewheel Technology
Bearing Sealed Cartridge Bearings (QRM)
Bearing Technology QRM bearing preload technology


Color  Black Only
Freewheel Shimano/Sram


Freewheel  Shimano/Sram, Convertible to Campagnolo with Optional Driver Body
Front & Rear Axle Quick Release only
Compatible Adapters and Freewheel Bodies

FTS-L Shimano / Sram Freewheel Body (30871101 - Delivered on the wheel)

FTS-L Campagnolo Freewheel Body (30871201)

Intended Use

ASTM Category 1  Road Only
Information On Specified Weight The weight of the wheels is announced at +/-5%, in XD/XD-R and Center Lock version, without quick release, nor valve, nor rim tape
Weight For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 120kg, bike included
Maximum Tyre Pressure 7.5bar/108PSI with a 23mm tyre - 4.6bar/67PSI with a 52mm tyre
Recommended Tire Sizes 25 to 32 mm
Max. Pressure See indication on wheel and tire. If they differ, use the lowest of the 2

Technology of Mavic Aksium RB 700 QR M11 Wheelset

FSL-L Freewheel Technology:

Force Transfer System. Light Reinforcement of key transmission components: the contact area between the pawl and the hub body is reinforced by 2 stainless steel inserts, which allows the use of a 100% aluminum hub body.

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