Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light | The Bike Affair
Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light | The Bike Affair

Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light


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Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light: Sleek Safety for Cyclists

Ultra-Thin Design, Maximum Visibility: The Lezyne Stick Drive tail light stands out with its exceptionally thin and lightweight design, featuring eight super-bright LED emitters. This tail light combines minimalist aesthetics with powerful illumination, offering up to 30 lumens for high visibility or a more subtle 15 lumens for attention-grabbing alerts in varying lighting conditions.

Cable-Free Charging for On-the-Go Convenience: Emphasizing ease of use, the Stick Drive is equipped with an integrated USB stick, eliminating the need for cables during the charging process. This feature allows for straightforward, hassle-free charging directly from your computer or USB charger, ensuring your tail light is always ready for your next ride.

Extended Battery Life for Longer Rides: With up to an impressive 23 hours of runtime, the Stick Drive tail light ensures that you remain visible on the road for extended periods, whether you're commuting, training, or exploring. This extended battery life is ideal for cyclists who embark on long journeys and require a reliable source of illumination throughout their ride.

Versatile Mounting with Magnetic Interface: The Stick Drive's simple O-ring mount offers secure attachment to most bicycle seatposts, providing a stable base for the light during your rides. An innovative magnetic interface further enhances the tail light's usability, allowing for quick detachment from the mount. This feature enables effortless charging access and flexibility for cyclists who frequently transition between different bikes or need to charge on the go.

Aerodynamic and Space-Efficient: Designed with aerodynamics and space efficiency in mind, the Stick Drive is the perfect tail light for maintaining sleek bike profiles or attaching to seatposts with limited space, such as dropper posts. Its narrow design and compact mount minimize air resistance and fit unobtrusively on your bike, making it an ideal choice for performance-oriented cyclists.

Durability and Water Resistance: Engineered and produced in-house, the Stick Drive tail light is built for long-lasting durability and impressive water resistance, standing up to the elements and the demands of rigorous cycling. Whether you're riding in sunny weather or braving the rain, the Stick Drive provides reliable visibility and safety.

The Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light is a testament to innovative design and functionality, offering cyclists a sleek, powerful, and versatile lighting solution for enhanced safety on the road.


Specifications of Lezyne Stick Drive 30 Lumens Tail Light

Max Lumens  30
Max Runtime
23 hours
Recharge Type
USB Stick
Battery Capacity (mAh)
Light Modes Day Flash, Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3, Blast, Enduro and Femto
Run Time Day Flash (30 Lumens): 5:30 hrs
Flash 1 (4 Lumens): 16:40 hrs
Flash 2 (12 Lumens): 6:30 hrs 
Flash 3 (12 Lumens): 23:00 hrs 
Blast (30 Lumens): 1:30 hrs
Enduro (12 Lumens): 3:30 hrs

Femto (4 Lumens): 9:30 hrs
Dimensions 72.3 mm, 19.2 mm, 27.1 mm
Features IPX7, Daytime Flash
Weight 23 g
Country of Origin Taiwan

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