Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer


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Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer - Essential Features for Every Cyclist

The Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer is the perfect device for both casual and serious cyclists who seek the essential features of a cycling GPS computer. Packed with new and improved features, this compact and sleek GPS device ensures you have the necessary tools to enhance your cycling experience.

Optional Horizontal Orientation and Enhanced Styling

The Macro Plus GPS offers the flexibility of an optional horizontal orientation, allowing you to customize its display to suit your preference. With its improved water-resistant plug and enhanced styling, the device not only looks great but also performs even better.

High-Resolution Screen and Smart Connect LED Compatibility

This GPS computer has been upgraded with a higher resolution screen, providing clearer and more detailed visuals for better readability. It also comes with the ability to connect with the "Smart Connect" LED system, enhancing your visibility and safety on the road.

Seamless Integration with GPS Platform

When paired with the Lezyne GPS Ally phone app, the Macro Plus GPS fully integrates with the GPS platform, providing an array of advanced features. Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, phone notifications, Lezyne Track (live tracking), Strava Live Segments, training integration, and device customization for a personalized cycling experience.

External Bluetooth Sensor Compatibility

The Macro Plus GPS can easily pair with external Bluetooth sensors, enabling you to monitor additional cycling data, such as heart rate, cadence, and more. This ensures you have comprehensive insights into your performance and training.

Long Battery Runtime

With up to 28 hours of battery runtime, the Macro Plus GPS is designed to keep up with your long rides and adventures, ensuring you have continuous access to its features and data throughout your cycling journey.

Experience the Perfect Cycling Companion

Whether you're a recreational rider or a dedicated cyclist, the Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer is the ideal companion for all your cycling endeavors. Packed with essential features, enhanced styling, and long-lasting battery life, this GPS computer is a reliable and indispensable tool for any cyclist.

Features of Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer

  • NEW: Navigate with Komoot
  • NEW: Create interactive videos of your ride with Relive
  • Lezyne Track: Subscription-free live tracking and telemetry
  • Durable, composite construction
  • Optimized GPS satellite recording
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Multiple real-time features when paired to the Lezyne Ally app
  • Simple setup through Lezyne Ally phone app
  • Import .tcx and gpx. Files
  • Trainer Mode
  • Multiple bike profiles
  • Full navigation
  • Custom route building
  • Intuitive four button operation
  • Lithium polymer battery provides up to 28 hours of runtime
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Stores up to 100 hours of ride data
  • Customizable fields and page count (up to 8 fields)
  • Custom alerts and auto presets
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Includes X-Lock Standard Mount
  • Specifications

    Specifications of Lezyne Macro Plus GPS Cyclo-Computer

    • Weight: 60g 
    • Runtime: 28 hours 
    • Memory: 100 hours max 
    • Dimensions: Computer 70.6mm (W) x 48.16mm (L) x 26.0mm (H)
    • Screen: 32.6mm (W) x 39.8mm (L)


    • Smart Connect compatible
    • Receive text, email, phone call and message app notifications when paired to smartphone
    • Sync rides via Bluetooth Smart to the Lezyne Ally phone app
    • Instant download of ride files (.fit) via plug-and-play flash drive technology (Windows/Mac) and upload directly to GPS Root website for ride analysis
    • Auto-sync to Strava, TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan
    • Pairs with Bluetooth Smart enabled heart rate monitors, cadence/speed sensors and power meters
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Off-line rerouting
    • Follow starred Strava segments and routes
    • Follow structured workouts from Today’s Plan and TrainingPeaks

    Display Data

    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Live Tracking icon
    • Strava Live Segments
    • Structured Workout
    • Heart Rate*: Current, Average, Max.
    • Cadence*: Current, Average
    • Power* (6 data display options)
    • Training Specific Fields: TSS®, NP®, IF®
    • Speed: Current, Average, Max.
    • Distance: Current, Trip Total, Trip 2, Odometer
    • Time: Ride Time, Clock
    • Date
    • Laps and lap averages
    • Elevation: Ascent, Descent, Current
    • Calories
    • Temperature
    • GPS signal strength
    • Battery life indicator for device and paired devices
    • Connected devices icons
    • Bread crumb trail page