Giro Helios Spherical Helmet

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Experience the perfect combination of Giro's design expertise and high-performance innovation with the Helios Spherical Helmet. Designed to meet the needs of core road cyclists, gravel enthusiasts, and adventure riders, this helmet offers advanced performance and exceptional protection for your cycling adventures.

Spherical Technology for Enhanced Protection:

At the core of the Helios Spherical Helmet is the innovative Spherical Technology, powered by MIPSĀ®. This revolutionary design utilizes a ball-and-socket system that allows the helmet's outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. This helps to reduce rotational forces and provides an added layer of protection. The Progressive Layering of the inner and outer liners further enhances the helmet's ability to absorb impact and protect your head.

Optimized Cooling and Comfort:

The Helios Spherical Helmet features 15 Wind Tunnel vents, strategically placed to provide exceptional airflow and cooling during your rides. The ventilation is further enhanced by the patented Roc Loc 5 Air fit system, which allows for easy and precise adjustments to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. The plush XT2 padding is antimicrobial, providing excellent sweat absorption and odor control, ensuring a fresh and comfortable ride.

Versatile for Road and Gravel Adventures:

Whether you're a dedicated road cyclist, a gravel enthusiast, or an adventure rider, the Helios Spherical Helmet is designed to meet the demands of your cycling pursuits. Its advanced performance and protection make it the ideal companion for your road and gravel adventures, providing the confidence and peace of mind you need on every ride.


Features ofĀ Giro Helios Spherical Helmet

Wind Tunnel Internal Channeling

Combined with the massive vents, internal channeling forces air to flow over the scalp, providing remarkable cooling power.

ROC LOCĀ® 5Ā AirĀ FitĀ System

This revolutionary fit system adds a new dimension to helmet performance by enhancing cooling, as well as fit comfort and stability. Using a patented design that suspends the helmet just slightly off the top of the skull, Roc LocĀ® 5 Air allows cool airflow to pass directly over your head, further enhancing the performance of vents and internal channeling that exhaust heat out of the helmet. Fit and feel adjustments mimic the Roc Loc 5, allowing you to easily custom tune fit tension and fore-aft tilt of the helmet in seconds using a single hand.

Ionic+Ā® Padding

Pure silver is the secret ingredient that gives IONIC+Ā® the power to provide natural, permanent odor protection to help keep your helmet feeling fresh.

Spherical Technology

Spherical Technology's Ball-and-Socket design, powered by MIPSĀ®, helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. It also eliminates contact with hard plastic or slip-planes against the skin.

Progressive Layeringā„¢

Helmets with Progressive Layering feature a dual-density liner designed to address high and low-speed impacts, for more comprehensive energy management.

IntegratedĀ MIPSĀ® Brain Protection System

All Giro helmets are designed to reduce as much energy as possible while meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards. The goal of Giro's Integrated MIPSĀ®-equipped helmets is to reduce rotational forces, while enhancing fit and comfort by combining the MIPSĀ® slip plane with the helmet's adjustable fit system. Giro believes that helmets equipped with this technology can reduce the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to rider's brain in certain impacts.


Specifications ofĀ Giro Helios Spherical Helmet

Impact Management

Mips Spherical - essentially an invisible low-friction layer sandwiched within two layers of EPS foam, the result is a reduction of rotational forces and the elimination of the plastic slip plane of the original MIPS design. Redirects impact energy by allowing the helmet's exterior liner to rotate independently of the interior liner in an angled impact.


Independent, in-mold liners with spherical ball-and-socket design

Polycarbonate shell

Hardbody lower shell


15 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling

Fit System

ROC LOC 5 air


270G (size medium CPSC)


Complies with the US CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmet for persons age 5 and older

E.U.: CE EN1078


Nanobead EPS foam

Coolfit Antimicrobial Padding

Eyewear Docking Ports

Slimline Webbing

Four-piece shell w/lower hardbody