Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair
Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair
Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair
Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair
Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair
Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort | The Bike Affair

Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort

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Introducing the Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort

The epitome of cycling excellence. Building upon our premier Reckon series, this bibshort brings the pinnacle of performance to your race-day kit, offering an unparalleled experience that redefines speed and comfort.

Unleash the Power of Reckon: Step into the world of elite cycling with the Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort. This bibshort is an extension of our industry-leading Reckon series, designed to elevate your race-day performance to new heights. Experience the fusion of cutting-edge technology and premium craftsmanship as you ride.

Alpha Veloce Fabric: Crafted with the renowned Alpha Veloce fabric, this bibshort is a lightweight masterpiece that offers exceptional muscle support. As you pedal, feel the enhanced comfort and optimized aerodynamics that this fabric provides, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your game.

Speed and Performance: The Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort isn't just a piece of cycling gear – it's a statement of intent. Designed to empower you to conquer every race, every challenge, and every stretch of road, it allows you to revel in the new feeling of speed, ensuring you can push your limits and reach new milestones.

Race-Day Mastery: This bibshort is meticulously crafted to be more than just apparel; it's your secret weapon on race day. Its innovative design, paired with the Alpha Veloce fabric, ensures that you're not only comfortable but also optimized for performance, allowing you to give your best when it matters most.

Unveil Your Potential: With the Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort, you're not just wearing cycling gear – you're embodying a commitment to excellence. Feel the rush of speed, experience the unparalleled comfort, and let this bibshort become a part of your journey to reaching new heights in cycling.


Features of Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort

  • Technical fabric with excellent moisture management ensures that there is no over-heating
  • Narrow back mesh provides maximum area for sweat absorption
  • Raised lower back construction gives good lumbar support on your longest rides
  • 2-part bib-strap construction provides a stable fit without over tightening around the shoulders
  • Italian made 4cm wide lie-flat leg grippers to securely hold the bibshort in place
  • Pad:Gambitt™ pad, our top of the line long distance multi-density pad with ventilation channels and gel inserts
  • Reflectivity: Highly reflective heat-press trims on sides and back

Specifications of Gambitt Reckon 2.0 Bibshort

Gender  Men
Padded Liner Yes
Composition 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex
  • 3D anatomic fit with 7 panel construction with reduced seams for better aerodynamics
  • Aero Fit
  • Flat-lock and concealed stitch lines provide a clean look with reinforcement for better stretch


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