Effetto Mariposa Tubeless Valve (40mm) (2 Pcs)


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Upgrade your tubeless setup with Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Valves, the perfect accessory for any tubeless wheel. These high-quality tubeless valves are designed to provide reliable performance and hassle-free tubeless riding.

Modular Base for Versatility:

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Valve features a modular base, allowing it to easily adapt to various rim profiles. Whether you have a road, mountain, or gravel bike, these valves are designed to fit perfectly and securely.

Available in Different Lengths:

Choose the right length for your specific needs. The Caffélatex Tubeless Valve is available in 40mm, 70mm, and 100mm lengths. Select the 40mm option for a compact fit and efficient performance.

Premium Construction:

Crafted with premium materials, these tubeless valves are built to withstand the demands of off-road riding while maintaining a sleek appearance. The silver finish adds a touch of elegance to your wheels.

Easy Tubeless Setup:

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Valve makes setting up tubeless tires a breeze. With their reliable performance, you can enjoy a smooth tubeless riding experience without worries of air leakage.

Pack of 2 Valves:

Each pack includes 2 tubeless valves, providing you with all you need for a complete tubeless setup. Keep a spare for emergencies or equip multiple wheelsets for versatile riding options.

Enhance Your Tubeless Experience:

Upgrade to Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless Valve (40mm-Silver, 2 Pcs) and enjoy a seamless and reliable tubeless riding experience. Whether you're hitting the trails or exploring the roads, these tubeless valves will keep you rolling smoothly.

Features of Effetto Mariposa Tubeless valve

  • Thanks to its modular base shape, it adapts to any rim profile
  • Light, reliable aluminum body
  • 40, 70 and 100 mm lengths available, black or silver
  • Valve aluminum cap functions as mechanism key

Specifications of Effetto Mariposa Tubeless valve

  • 40 mm length, for rim profiles between 10 and 37 mm (10 and 34 mm with the conic adapter fitted)
  • 70 mm length, for rim profiles between 37 and 67 mm (34 and 64 mm with the conic adapter fitted)
  • 100 mm length, for rim profiles between 67 and 97 mm (64 and 94 mm with the conic adapter fitted)

These, plus our 35 mm or 45 mm Caffélatex Valve Extensions, allow to fit virtually any rim in the market.

Complete With Accessories

Each ppack includes two Caffélatex Tubeless Valves, two anodized aluminum caps, two rubber conic adapters, two nuts, two o-rings.

Sizing Information

  • Length - 40mm

Characteristics of Effetto Mariposa Tubeless valve

Adaptable To Any Rim Profile:

Thanks to the provided conic adapter, Caffélatex Tubeless Valve works on both Presta and Schrader-drilled rims:

  • On Presta-drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 6,5 mm):  depending on the rim shape the flat rubber valve base might ensure a perfect air-tightness, without any additional adapter, or the conic adapter might be needed;
  • On Presta-drilled with a wider (> 6,5 mm) inside hole, or when used on Schrader drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 8,5 mm): we recommend fitting the conic adapter on the valve before inserting it into the rim.

With an incredible variety of rim profiles in the market, in some cases a flat-base tubeless valve works better than a conic base one, and vice-versa. With Effetto Mariposa valves, the conic adapter allows to pass from flat to conic in a breeze.

Light And Reliable

We opted for an aluminum alloy that will bend before breaking, adding reliability to the lightness required by modern rims. Weight(*) is 3,6 g for 40 mm, 5,1 g for 70 and 6,5 g for 100 mm.
(*) valve alone without accessories.

Great Look, Functional Cap

Effetto Mariposa valves come either full black (black valve, black cap) or silver (silver valve, red cap). The aluminum cap functions as mechanism key.

Removable Valve Core

This feature allows easy mechanism replacement and the fitting of our tubeless-specific Caffélatex Valve Extensions.

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