Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Sachet-5gm | The Bike Affair
Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Sachet-5gm | The Bike Affair
Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Sachet-5gm | The Bike Affair
Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Sachet-5gm | The Bike Affair

Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Sachet-5gm


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Ensure the perfect assembly of your high-quality carbon and aluminum bike parts with Dynamic Assembly Paste Carbon. This advanced paste is designed to prevent slipping or sliding of components while offering superior protection against corrosion.

Optimal Clamping Force:

Dynamic Assembly Paste Carbon is your secret weapon to achieve the perfect clamping force. By reducing the required clamping force by up to 30%, it prevents over-tightening and potential damage to your precious components.

Smooth and Reliable Performance:

With its strong inhibitory effect, this paste ensures a secure grip without any seizing or stickiness. The added micropearls reduce stress on sensitive carbon components, minimizing the risk of cracking noises during your rides.

Proven Performance:

Dynamic Assembly Paste Carbon is trusted by pro cycling teams for a reason. Its reliability and effectiveness make it the favorite choice of professionals who demand nothing less than perfection.

Exceptional Corrosion Protection:

Worried about your bike's longevity? Fret not! This assembly paste provides high-level protection against corrosion, ensuring your components stay in top-notch condition even in harsh riding conditions.

Water-Resistant Formula:

Dynamic Assembly Paste Carbon doesn't back down from challenges. Its water-resistant formula ensures that it stays effective, regardless of weather conditions, so you can ride confidently.

Easy-to-Use Sachet:

The convenient 5gm sachet allows easy application and ensures you have the perfect amount for each assembly.

Unlock the Full Potential:

With Dynamic Assembly Paste Carbon, achieve flawless assembly, enhanced performance, and prolonged component life. Get ready to elevate your cycling experience to new heights.


Features of  Assembly Paste Carbon Sachet

  • Dynamic Carbon assembly paste has a strong inhibitory effect without seizing or being sticky.
  • By using this paste with added micro pearls, sensitive carbon components are less heavily stressed, and cracking noises are reduced.
  • The assembly paste also provides high protection against corrosion and is very resistant to water.
  • These features make it the favorite assembly paste of several pro cycling teams.
  • This high-performance assembly paste is 100% safe to use on carbon and aluminum parts such as seat posts and handlebar stems. Use Carbon Assembly Paste to prevent your seatpost from slipping,

Specifications of Assembly Paste Carbon Sachet

Contents 5 g
Packaging Sachet
Water Resistance High
Viscosity 20oc High
Corrosion Protection Very high
Friction Coefficient Very high
Carbon Safe Yes
Suitable for Bar Ends, Cranks, Inner Bottom Bracket Cups, Seat Posts, Stem Handlebar

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