Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar RA-492 | The Bike Affair
Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar RA-492 | The Bike Affair

Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar RA-492


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The Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar is your key to unlocking a new level of performance and comfort on the road. Crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum, this handlebar offers impressive durability and a design that's optimized for long rides and responsive control.

Premium Aluminum Construction

The One FL0 Round Handlebar is meticulously crafted from 6061 aluminum, renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This choice of material ensures that your handlebar can withstand the demands of road cycling while remaining lightweight.

Round Design for Versatile Hand Positions

The round shape of this handlebar allows for a variety of hand positions, giving you greater control over your ride. Whether you're climbing steep hills, cruising on flat terrain, or sprinting to the finish line, you can find the perfect grip for the situation.

Ergonomic Comfort

Long rides demand comfort. This handlebar's design takes into account the ergonomic needs of road cyclists, reducing the risk of hand fatigue and allowing you to focus on your ride.

Optimal Control

Controltech understands the importance of precise handling. The ONE FL0 Round Handlebar is engineered for optimal control, ensuring that your bike responds accurately to your inputs, whether you're cornering, descending, or accelerating.

Sleek Aesthetics

Beyond its impressive performance attributes, this handlebar adds a touch of style to your road bike. Its clean and minimalistic design complements the overall aesthetics of your bicycle.

Easy Installation

Installing the handlebar is straightforward and compatible with most modern road bike setups. With basic tools, you can securely attach it to your bike and be ready for your next adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned road cyclist seeking to elevate your performance or a recreational rider looking for more comfort on long journeys, the Controltech ONE FL0 Round Handlebar is designed to meet your needs. Its combination of premium materials, ergonomic design, and responsive control makes it an excellent choice for road cycling enthusiasts.

Upgrade your road bike today with the Controltech ONE FL0 Round Handlebar and experience the joy of improved comfort and performance on every ride.


Features of Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar

  • Light road bars are made from 6061 aluminum, which includes magnesium and silicone to increase strength for maximum energy efficiency while reducing weight for faster cycling.
  • ‘Oversized’ 31.8mm diameter increases stiffness without adding weight.
  • A choice of five sizes – 360, 380, 400, 420, and 440mm – suit every size of rider and style of riding.
  • 70mm reach steers you into a comfortable, sustainable position. Drop is based proportionally on width: 360/380mm have a 125mm drop; 400/440mm have a 128mm drop.
  • Half Moon Shape (HMS) bars are multi-contact drops based on a round shape that’s open at the end, delivering an array of hand positions to match your style of riding.

Specifications of Controltech One FL0 Round Handlebar

Made For Road racing and sportive riding
Material AL6061
Bar Diameter 31.8 mm
Bar Width 360/380/400/420/440 mm
Bar Bend HMS
Bar Drop 125 mm (360/380 mm) and 128 mm (400/440 mm)
Bar Reach 70 mm (360/380 mm) and 75 mm (400/440 mm)
Cable Routing External, Grooved
Weight 305 g (420 mm option)

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