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Castelli Summer Skullcap


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Castelli Summer Skullcap - Stay Cool and Protected

The Castelli Summer Skullcap is the perfect companion for your summer rides. Designed to be worn under your helmet, this skullcap offers optimal comfort, ventilation, and moisture management to keep you cool and focused on the road ahead.

Maximum Airflow with Mesh Top

Featuring a mesh top, the Castelli Summer Skullcap allows for excellent airflow and ventilation. The mesh construction promotes air circulation, preventing overheating and ensuring a refreshing breeze on your head. Experience enhanced breathability even during the hottest summer rides, thanks to the strategically placed mesh panel.

Moisture-Wicking Velocity Fabric

The base of the Castelli Summer Skullcap is made of Velocity fabric, which is specifically designed to absorb moisture and keep it away from your eyes. The fabric effectively wicks away sweat, preventing it from dripping down your face and impairing your vision. Stay focused and comfortable, even during intense rides, with the moisture-wicking properties of the skullcap.

Ideal Under-Helmet Companion

The Castelli Summer Skullcap is designed to be worn under your helmet, providing an extra layer of comfort and protection. Its lightweight and compact design fit snugly under the helmet without adding bulk or compromising the fit. Enjoy a secure and comfortable fit with the skullcap, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Stay Cool and Focused

With the Castelli Summer Skullcap, you can keep your head cool and sweat-free throughout your summer rides. The combination of the mesh top and moisture-wicking Velocity fabric ensures optimal temperature regulation and moisture management. Focus on your performance without distractions, knowing that your head is comfortable and well-ventilated.

Versatile and Essential

The Castelli Summer Skullcap is not only suitable for cycling but also ideal for various outdoor activities. Whether you're cycling, running, hiking, or participating in other sports, this skullcap offers versatile protection and comfort. Its lightweight and breathable design make it a go-to accessory for any warm-weather activity.

Elevate Your Summer Rides with Castelli

Experience enhanced comfort and ventilation with the Castelli Summer Skullcap. Its mesh top and moisture-wicking Velocity fabric provide optimal airflow and moisture management, keeping you cool and focused on the road. Elevate your summer rides with Castelli's high-quality skullcap and enjoy maximum comfort and performance.


Features of Summer Skullcap

  • Wicking layer to keep sweat out of your eyes
  • Mesh top panel for ventilation
  • Fits under helmet
  • Weight: 25 g

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