Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort

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Get ready to experience cycling like never before with the Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort. This revolutionary bib short is a result of a foundational redesign, elevating it to be our fastest and most advanced piece yet. With cutting-edge technology and meticulous engineering, it surpasses even WorldTour standards, promising an unparalleled ride.

Unmatched Aerodynamics and Lightweight Design

The EQUIPE RSR S9 TARGA takes second-skin aerodynamics to a whole new level. Designed to slice through the air with ease, this bib short ensures minimal drag, giving you that extra edge when it matters most. Crafted with hyperlight materials, it feels like an extension of your body, allowing you to focus solely on your performance.

Comfort Redefined

Assos believes that performance should never come at the expense of comfort. With targeted enhancements in stretch and support, the Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort offers an optimal balance of aerodynamics and compression while alleviating pressure on sensitive areas. Say goodbye to discomfort and distractions, and embrace a ride like never before.

Stay Dry and Fresh

No more worries about sweat affecting your performance. The new construction of the Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort facilitates faster drying, preventing perspiration from seeping into the fabric and adding unnecessary weight. Stay cool, dry, and focused throughout your journey.

Race-Tuned Engineering

Assos knows racing, and the Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort proves it. Meticulously engineered for speed and agility, this bib short will unleash your full potential on the road. Join the ranks of elite cyclists and experience the thrill of pushing your limits with every pedal stroke.

Performance Meets Style

With its striking design and the renowned Assos logo, the Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort is not only about performance but also makes a bold statement on the road. Stand out from the crowd and ride in style with this premium piece of cycling gear.

Unlock Your Cycling Potential

The Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort is the ultimate choice for serious cyclists seeking the perfect balance of speed, comfort, and style. Elevate your performance to new heights and make every ride memorable with this state-of-the-art bib short.

Features of Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort

  • Type.701 Kompressor: Proprietary woven textile wraps large muscles with superior fatigue-reducing compression hold.
  • Skin Grip: Lasser-cut bonded edge and silicone dot grippers fix the leg panels in position without pressure.
  • S9 Sundeck Insert: SuperAir memory foam construction, tuned for enhanced ventilation, and speed-focused support.
  • Zerowaist: Laser-cut bonded edge creates the smoothest, pressure-free transition between skin and textile.
  • Ultralight XBIB: Perforated straps hug the contours of the body, positioned exactly where they need to be for maximum support and breathability.

Specifications of Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort

Gender Men
Padded Liner Yes
Material 68%PA, 26%EA, 6%PL

Technology in Assos Equipe RSR S9 Targa Flamme d'Or Bibshort

Featured Fabrics

The woven Type.701kompressor textile is unique to the EQUIPE RSR S9 bib shorts. It’s defined by compressive support, friction-free comfort, and abrasion resistance—though it also resists UV rays (UPF 50+) and odor while actively cooling. Ossidia inserts complement Type.701’s compressive support with targeted stretch in sensitive areas, enabling a true second-skin fit without sacrificing comfort.


Aero Fit is the fastest silhouette in our catalog, which maximizes aerodynamic speed while prioritizing comfort. It includes slightly longer leg than bib shorts in our racing Fit EQUIPE RS and regular Fit MILLE GT lines.

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