Ashima V Brake Pads AP48V-P-AL | The Bike Affair
Ashima V Brake Pads AP48V-P-AL | The Bike Affair

Ashima V Brake Pads AP48V-P-AL


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Ashima V Brake Pads are high-performance brake pads designed for V-brake systems commonly found on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and some road bikes. These brake pads are a crucial component for ensuring reliable stopping power and control during your rides.

Material Composition: Ashima V Brake Pads are crafted from high-quality brake pad compounds known for their durability and excellent braking performance. The specific composition may vary based on the model and intended use.

V-Brake Compatibility: These brake pads are designed to be compatible with V-brake systems. V-brakes, also known as linear-pull brakes, are widely used for their simplicity and effectiveness, especially in off-road conditions.

Braking Performance: Ashima is recognized for producing brake components that offer reliable and consistent braking performance. These brake pads are engineered to provide efficient stopping power in various riding conditions.

Weather Resistance: The brake pad compound may include features to enhance weather resistance. This is important for maintaining braking effectiveness in wet or muddy conditions.

Easy Installation: Ashima V Brake Pads are designed for easy installation. Most V-brake pads feature a cartridge-style design, allowing for straightforward replacement without the need for complex tools.

Durable Construction: The construction of these brake pads is geared towards durability, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the frequency of replacements.

Riding Discipline: Whether you're into mountain biking, commuting, or touring, Ashima V Brake Pads are designed to meet the demands of various riding disciplines. Make sure to choose the specific model suitable for your type of riding.

Brand Reputation: Ashima is a brand known for its innovations in braking technology. Cyclists often choose Ashima products for their commitment to quality and performance.


Features of Ashima V Brake Pads

  • V-Type
  • Advanced Alloy Compound: This is an outstanding compound that gives excellent performance on all alloy rims, giving market leading performance in both dry/wet conditions.


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